PoD Woes

Pitch or Ditch is an inexact science, so not every selection will be the right one. But it really hurts when the three guys you decide to use (Sanchez, Sonnanstine, Burress) do this:

16.2 IP, 8 K’s, 8.10 ERA, 1.86 WHIP, 1 win

…and the two guys you had but let go (Jurrjens, Olsen), do this:

14.2 IP, 16 K’s, 0.61 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 2 wins

Not to mention the fact that I gave the thumbs-down to Gavin Floyd (below) last night because I was worried (and to some extent still am) that his poor BB-K rate is going to lead to some ugly lines at some point.


At least I can console myself in the knowledge that I also gave the thumbs-down to Brian Bannister and Nick Blackburn, among others, neither of whom distinguished themselves last night. We’ll go back to the drawing board today!

Happy 411,



I need help in pitching 10 team H2H 11×11 set rosters every monday (extras are 1b 2b 3b bb k SLG and Loses, H, K/9, out, cg shutouts)

My team is
C Soto
1B Votto
2b Weeks
3B Braun
ss Drew
OF Crawford, Hamilton, Markakis
Util hart
B: Pence, Ellsbury, Encrnacion

Pitchers are: Webb, Randy Johnson, Qualls, James Shields, Jurrjens, Putz, Valverde, Billingsly, BJ Ryan and Homer Bailey

Do I have anything here that could bring back a solid 2 here? And yes I hate the league format

CS ! See what you get for bragging about Scherzer ??🙂 Luckily I had Olsen in last night. Just one more out for a CG, SHO, W! but I guess they don’t care about my fantasy impact at the professional level. I don’t have them.. but Z and even Wakefield almost went CG’s too. Maybe everyone is getting jealous of Halliday’s streak.

Ed in Chicago

I was listening to the podcast this morning and cringing when you emphatically said ditch Floyd. Oops. But you show your work, you aren’t afraid to show when you’re wrong, and you’re right more often than not. It all evens out in the end.

Isn’t this why they play the game though? If someone could sit there and say “Well this guy is going to go out and give up 7 ER, and this guy will throw a CGSHO” with 100% accuracy, then the game wouldn’t even need to be played. I think that POD should be a guide for us listeners, not doctrine. Cory and Siano said ditch on Cueto for Sunday, but being that in my points league I don’t get hurt for ER, I left him in and got a good performance. Know your league and categories, listen to what the guys say, and make your decision from there.

Brian in Cbus, OH

Well said Brian! A 70% success rate on PoD is usually good enough, and you never get hurt by benching a guy… it only hurts when you start the wrong guy.

Pitcher ditch is an outstanding strategy. For example this year I was able to load up on bats and closers (5 of them) leaving me some bench spots to experiment with starters off waivers. I ended up grabbing Ervin Santana, and Edinson Volquez and drafted Greinke in the last round of my 10 team mixed head to head.
I’m proud that I own 3 out of the 4 (cliff lee) early season breakout pitchers thus far. You say it every year guys of waivers will emerge it’s just a matter if finding out who they are.

Lieber did not keep the ball down today. ouch

Tonight in the 411 league I got more dominating work from Greinke (late-round pick) and C.Lee (free agent), although Buehrle (PoD) got bombed. Let’s see, he’s like 30-10 against the Twins in his career, and they are the worst-hitting offense against lefties so far this year in all of baseball, and he gives up seven runs. What’s up with that??? Gotta love baseball. As Brian said, this is why they play the game…

Happy 411!

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