POD for Monday May 12th

click here for Monday’s probables


yes on all pitchers in jays vs tribe double dip (carmona, lee, marcum, burnett)


yes on buchoz no on livan


yes on pettitte no on garza


yes on bedard and i think you have to let padilla go out there


no on adenhart and buerhle


for the NL


yes on jurrjens, hudson, harangatang, wolf, zambrano, wainwright and oswalt


no on rest……




Thanks guys. In my points league I can’t seem to buy a win these days. Perhaps Bedard, Harang, and Jurrjens will change that today.


My only complaint about you guys doing this on Monday morning instead of Sunday is that for us in Yahoo leagues, it does us no good. I can’t add a guy this morning and have him pitch tonight. I’ve you guys say several times that it’s all good to do it in the morning because you did it before the first game, but that doesn’t help if you want to pick guys up off the wire. Just my 2 cents.

Brian in Cbus, OH

I took your advice and sat Sherzer, ending up lossing the pitching categories because of it.

Shawn, sorry for the bad news. But remember to thank us when we give good advice, too.

i posted this sunday night no?


Yeah, looks like you had it up with a few hours to spare for us Yahoo-leaguers.

Ha, and so you did. Sorry about that, I didn’t see it until this morning and assumed. And we all know what happens when you assume. My bad! Keep up the good work!

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