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Hey Guys,
6×6 Roto w/OBP & L, 10-team…My pitching is in as good of shape as Hillary’s campaign for the White House. I have J Vazquez, B Penny, Jered Weaver, C Buchholz, C Billingsley, J Jurrjens, J Cueto, & I just picked up Duchscherer and dropped Scherzer. I have Lyon & Sherrill as my RPs after starting the season with R Soriano & M Corpas.

I have been offered a trade of John Maine or Fausto Carmona for Joey Votto. My other 1B’s are Pujols/C Jackson/J Loney so I do have a logjam at that position. I’m tempted to do this for Maine. What are your thoughts?
Your faithful listener,
Dale A. Sensenig

Hey Dale,

Although I must say that your pitching is in slightly better shape than the Clinton campaign in that it actually has a chance, I’d absolutely do either of these deals, preferably the one for Maine.  Carmona’s strikeout rate is awfully low (3.40 K/9) and I’ll always lean towards the NL pitcher.  As impressive as Votto’s been through the opening six weeks of the season (.286 AVG  7 HR  19 RBI), ups and downs should be expected from anyone playing in their first full major league season.  But more importantly, your depth at 1B allows you, even if this league uses a corner infield spot, to have at least one solid bench option at the position despite the loss of Votto.

I’m a big fan of John Maine, and view him as a very respectable #3 SP in mixed leagues.  One cause for concern is Maine’s tendency to walk a few too many hitters (4.50 BB/9 this season compared to 3.53 BB/9 last year).  That said, take away his first three starts, Maine’s control has gotten much better (3.20 BB/9).  The bottom line is that he’ll strike out around 170, pitches in a favorable park, and should win 15 games.  Amidst a staff of mostly upside guys (Buchholz, Jurrjens, Cueto), Maine will be a welcome addition, someone you can plug into your lineup and leave alone.  In the end, the numbers will be there.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com      


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