Updated Feud Standings (through Week 6)



Hey fellas. Love the show. I’ve been listening the last couple of years and follow a lot of your advice.

I’m not sure I understand the fantasy feud. If there is 26 weeks in the season and you only play 1 batter and 1 pitcher per week, then theoretically aren’t you only playing the top 26 hitters and top 26 pitchers over the course of the season? In recent shows you’ve joked about using no-name players “late” in the season. But you really should never have to go beyond a 3rd or 4th round player (for batters). And even if you only throw 2-3 closers during the year, you’re still looking at only using the top 24 starting pitchers.

Why not make it a little deeper with SP & RP positions? That way each week you’re testing out a closer or going for some vulture wins. You’d still only use 26 of the 30 teams’ closers at most.

Then you’d probably want 2 batters to offset it. But you’re still only talking 52 batters. You could even throw in the “all star game” rule where you have to use at least one player from each team.

Any chance that next year you’d set it up for the listeners to compete against you guys? That would make it much more of a “community” thing.

I’m trying not to sound too negative because I do think it is a cool idea, but just watching you guys compete against each other is a little bit… uh… lame.

I do love the show. Keep up the great work.
Greg in Iowa.

Hey Greg,

Just for clarification, the rule is that no one person can pick the same player more than once over the course of the entire season. And even though the overall team stats are cumulative, you only get credit for a player’s performance for the week you pick them. You’re right, if it wasn’t for this rule, the whole thing would be real lame!


If you do this next year, I like the All-star game rule.

Greg in Iowa, you’re right that it’s not too hard if you’re only picking the top 26 hitters and pitchers, but think about this… go back to your draft and tell me the round in which the 26th pitcher was taken. Then look at the 25 taken before him and see how many of them you would actually want right now. It’s going to get harder than you think.





There’s 20 right off the bat. Throw in the top 6 closers


There’s your 26.

This doesn’t even take in to account break-out pitchers like:

Cliff Lee
Shaun Marcum
Edinson Volquez
Ervin Santana
Zack Greinke
et al…

Or other mainstays like Verlander, Wang, Wainwright, Shields…

Nor does it take into account the other 24 closers, including Jenks, Rivera, Valverde, Cordero, Street, Capps, Soria, Lidge, Lyon, Sherill, et al…

You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that it’s going to be difficult to pick players when you have so many to choose from…. unless that is what makes it hard, that you have to decide who not to pick.


To answer Cory’s question. From my Yahoo 12-team winner’s league. The 26th pitcher was taken in the 8th round (Chris Young). That was 10 closers & 16 starters though.

So, to get to the 26th starter would be round 11 – pick 122. Ironically (or is it coincidentally?) in my 16 team league the 26th starter was also taken with the 122nd pick (round 8). 10 closers were taken up to then.

Just using the 26 starters I would right now not use: Pedro, Liriano, Myers, Rich Hill, Verlander. But there’s nothing to say I wouldn’t use them later in the season if they return to previous form.

But I don’t see how that is relevant since they could easily be replaced by any number of closers or lower-drafted starters (like Cliff Lee).

I do like the idea of the game because it makes you decide not only who to take, but when to take them to maximize production.

I just think it would be more challenging if you had to go a little deeper into the player pools… like having a separate relief pitcher position. Just my two (or ten) cents.


Greg you make it sound easy for them to be two start pitchers when you need them to be…..Mike

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