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Hey Guys! Long time/first time.

I am in quite the dilemma. I am in a 6×6 (Ks and Holds) mixed 10 team league. We have 1 DL slot in our league, however I am toting Howie Kendrick, Vernon Wells, and now Rafael Furcal. We play with a MI slot and CI slot, and I originally had Kendrick in my MI slot while Furcal covered SS. I picked up Yunel Escobar awhile back so I figured I could plug him in, but now I am trapped without a MI…Right now on my bench I have Alex Gordon, Nick Swisher, and Brett Myers for the only non-DL players. Who should I cut? Any advice?

Thanks guys. Have a good one!

Ben in Memphis

Hey Ben,

Without knowing your league size, I couldn’t make an accurate guess as to the middle infielders on your free agent wire. That makes it difficult to tell you to cut one specific player without knowing your free agent options. I do think you might be able to make due until Kendrick’s return. He hit a couple homers for Class A Rancho Cucamonga last week and it appears as if he could be called up soon, possibly by next week. You obviously don’t want to cut Furcal and you shouldn’t get rid of Alex Gordon (good power/speed combo and 1B/3B eligibility) or Nick Swisher (23 runs, walks a lot and the power is coming). That leaves Vernon Wells and Brett Myers.
Now, Myers is struggling with a 5.91 ERA and 1.57 WHIP, but I would ride it out with him a bit longer to see if he can get over his early-season struggles. He has a 48/18 K/BB ratio in 53 1/3 innings, so he is still providing some value.
I wouldn’t want to cut Wells. He was hitting .281 with five home runs and 24 RBIs before getting hurt, but he won’t be available for the next six to eight weeks. It’s a long time to wait for a player, but he might be worth it. Think of it in this way: is whichever middle infielder you would pick up from the wire more valuable to your team than the potential contributions of Wells (or Myers) in August and September? I would assume that either player wouldn’t last long as a free agent. Your best bet may be to painfully wait it out until Kendrick returns to fill your middle infielder spot.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com


It’s a ten team mixed, with what seems to be 23 man rosters (?)

I might cut Swisher. There’s a lot of OF in a ten team league. He strikes out so much, that depresses his value some.

If you want to, you can sit on it.

Yes Tom, 23 man rosters, oddly enough.

Thanks Kyle for the answer. I think I will wait it out for another week (we are weekly on Mondays) and see if Kendrick does come back, as he is a great hitter. Much appreciated!

Ben, is this h2h categories, or roto with weekly rosters?

h2h unfortunately

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