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I am in a 12 team, mixed, 5×5 roto non-keeper league.
I am trying to catch up in HR and RBI and I have decided to punt saves to catch up. I am 9th (30 back) in HR and 12th (50 back) in RBI (Just traded Papelbon/Kouzmanoff for Chipper Jones)
I have been offered A. Beltre for F. Cordero. I would sit Thomas on my bench and play Beltre at Utility. Is this enough for Cordero or should I stay where I am and wait it out?


Jeff from Boston

Hey Jeff,

First off, I never like the idea of punting categories, especially in an area that seemed to be a strength.  Papelbon and Cordero made up a top notch 1-2 punch at closer.  To give that advantage away for less than stud players is a risky move.  Chipper Jones is off to an insane start, batting .418 with 11 homers and 32 RBI.  I’m not saying he won’t go on to have a great year, but keep in mind that the last season in which Chipper played more than 137 games was 2003.  Though the trade you made is a fair one, Jones’ stock will never be higher than it is right now.  I would’ve either waited until he cooled off a bit or targeted a different third baseman, someone obtainable at a lesser price.
With respect to your power, I’d try to focus on how many points you can pick up in HR and RBI as opposed to how far behind you are from the leading team.  Check out the waiver wire.  Are their useful guys there?  How about making a lesser trade for a contributor, thereby avoiding the temptation to hit a home run? (no pun intended!) Sometimes, it’s better to place near the middle in a bunch of categories rather than being first in some places and last in others.  That’s why simply giving up on saves could be a recipe for disaster.
As for the Beltre/Cordero deal, I think you can get more.  Cordero is a clear top 10 closer while Beltre ranks just inside the top 10 at the much deeper third base position.  Beltre’s also a notorious slow starter, and may be a more attractive target later in the season.  The bottom line is that it’s way too early throw in the towel in any category.  Give your hitters time.  You just might be surprised!

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com        



Beltre in your Utility spot?
No No No
In a mixed league dont do it.
If you needed a 3B maybe, but not for your Util spot.

Francisco Cordero gave up 18 walks all of last year and hes given up 12 this year alone. If you can trade him, you should.

No Sunday pitch or ditch?

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