POD for Monday May 19th

Click here for Monday’ Probables

Yes: Lilly, Myers (at Nationals, one last ditch attempt!), Peavy, J.Shields

No: Everyone else, including Hochevar (not at Red Sox, not yet)

Arroyo, Lowe and Blanton are all
toss-ups on Monday, but I would probably go for Arroyo since he’s
pitching the best of the three.



What about Big Unit this afternoon v. Detroit?

Good question about Big Unit. In fact, Sundays seem to slip through the crack (or I’m not bright enough to find the PoD for Sundays).


sorry guys, not being sarcastic but our real lives get in the way each Saturday so we forget, ill work on fixing that this week, have an easy solution.


sorry guys we usually forget the Sunday POD due to family stuff and the weekend. ill work on a solution this week.

6 out of 7 ain’t bad.


working on a solution….Siano

I’m sure we sound pathetically self-centered. Thanks for all your work on this. You’re right, 6 of 7 ain’t bad at all.

Thanks again!


Siano man, no worries.


Thanks for all the great work. You definitely deserve family weekends and taking some time off.

So I throw this out to the forum. How about Lester tonight against KC? He has been pitching better lately and KC isn’t exactly the best offence out there. Isn’t he a better bet than Arroyo?

Johan – The Swede.

You shouldn’t have to post a POD for Sunday. Thats ridiculous, go golfing or something. For all the info we get through the week, we would have to be pretty thick skulled if we couldn’t make an informed decision for our Sunday roster. That being said… I’m starting Hochevar today because he’s a 2-start pitcher and my roster locks up for the week on Monday mornings. I figure he may go 1-1 this week, but I need some K’s.

Keep up the good work fellas.
Ed in Chicago

Any advise on McGowan?

I also like Wellemeyer, especially for those of you in weekly leagues. The guy has a 1.50 ERA and 1.00 WHIP over his last three starts and is in line for two starts, @SD and @LA, both favorable matchups in nice pitchers parks. Mike and Cory give him NO respect:)


I know many of us wonder about Homer Bailey’s status. So, I thought I’d pass this blurb from Hal McCoy’s Blog (he’s the longtime Reds beat writer for the Dayton Daily News and one of the most-in-the-know writers in MLB). The upshot is that I’d be selling that Bailey stock ASAP:

“Now a few words about Bad Homer Bailey and Good (Very Good) Jay Bruce.

And we’d all better shut up (me included) for now about bringing up Homer Bailey. He got beat up for the second straight time Friday night, walking six in five innings.

Our man who covers the Dayton Dragons, Marc Katz, visited Louisville recently and he asked Homer one question: “Have you learned anything down here.”

Homer’s answer was, “No,” and he walked away. End of interview. And that’s why Homer is still in Louisville and may remain there for a long time – or be traded.

Another story. I got this from two scouts and another impeccable source who saw it. On the day before a pitcher starts, he sits in the stands and charts the pitches of his team’s pitcher that night. It was Homer’s turn to chart that night, but he was reading a hunting magazine most of the time and paying little attention to what was going on on the field.

Another scout who has watched him said his fastball is down three to four miles an hour and he can’t throw it by anybody – in TRIPLE A! “I saw him two starts ago and he acted as if he didn’t care,” said the scout.

Homer, we hardly knew ye.

But I shall not shut up about Jay Bruce.

A rival scout’s assessment of Bruce after watching him several times in Louisville: “Why isn’t he in Cincinnati?

“I’ve seen very few balls jump off the bat they way they do on Bruce. I saw him pull an inside fastball from a left-handed pitcher over the right field fence. I saw him hit a slider into the left field seats. I saw him hit a change-up that was still on the rise when it cleared the center field fence.

“I had been told he couldn’t play center field. He can, better than anybody they have now. He can play all three outfield positions. He has everything but speed and his instincts are so good he gets great jumps on balls.

“I never saw a ball go over his head and stay in the park and I never saw one fall in front of him and he caught everything in the gaps,” he said. “He’d be playing center field for my team right now and we have a good center fielder.” – Ken in Dallas

Well hindsight is always 20-20 but Lester as I mentioned was a pretty good pick against KC🙂

I think it’s just a matter of time before Jay Bruce is promoted to the Reds. I wonder though just what kind of impact he’ll have? I like Votto, and he’s decent, but not a tremendous talent. At least not yet. I’m wondering if Bruce will be along these same lines. Any thoughts?


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