Pick up Clayton Kershaw!

Breaking news! Ken Gurnick of Dodgers.com is all over this situation as it appears Clayton Kershaw may get the call to start for the Dodgers on Saturday.
I’ve maintained all along that Kershaw was most likely to be brought up some time on or around June 12 — along with guys like Bruce and Rasmus — so the club could save a year of arbitration service time. In addition to that, Kershaw only turned 20 years old during spring training, so why rush him?

Well, the reason to rush him is that both Brad Penny and Derek Lowe are banged up — not to mention that they are sporting matching 5.34 ERA’s after 10 starts — and the Dodgers haven’t had a reliable fifth starter all year, so they need rotation help. And when you’ve put up the kind of numbers Kershaw has, it’s pretty apparent the big lefty (6’3″, 220) is deserving of a shot.

What kind of numbers you say? Check out his page on MiLB.com and behold… a combined 163 strikeouts in 122.0 innings at two levels last year, followed by a 2.28 ERA and 47 strikeouts in 43.1 innings at Double-A so far this season. The preseason top 50 prospects list on MiLB.com had Kershaw ranked at #4 overall, tops among pitchers.

Kershaw is available now in ESPN.com leagues, but not yet on waivers in Yahoo leagues. I’m not sure about Sportsline, I don’t play in any of those, sorry. Needless to say, if he’s available, try to get him… he could very well be this year’s Cole Hamels or Tim Lincecum, the pitching prospect who could come in and put up big numbers from day one. This year’s Jered Weaver or Yovanni Gallardo wouldn’t be so bad either!

Now you know, go get him…



Thanks CS! Picked him up in my ESPN 10 team. (I know, I know… I’m a ten-teamer blasphemer) Way to rock the blog as much as you’re rocking the show.

Charles in DC

It’s just so difficult for rookies at any position to have a major impact. Scherzer came up with all sorts of hype and although he’s been good, he’s not been outstanding. At least not yet. I suppose Bruce will be the next guy to make a rookie headline hype.

I have Harang, Lackey, Bedard, G. Smith, Jurrjens, and Hamels. I’m not sure Kershaw offers any improvement over my current staff but I am keeping an eye on him.


Curtis, you’re right that most rookies don’t make a major impact, but we’ve seen many examples in the last 2-3 years of guys who can and do. No doubt your existing staff is excellent, but long-term, you may end up wanting Kershaw more than Smith or Jurrjens. And remember also what we now know as the Howie Kendrick rule: if there’s a guy out there who can help your team, find a way to get him on your roster.

Thanks for the advice CS! I will take it to heart. And while I have your attention (still, I hope), I could use some advice. My OF is weak overall. I have Del. Young, Jus. Upton, Bradley, Kemp, Votto, Swisher, and Butler. With the exception of Bradley, none of these guys are doing much. (11-team, mixed, points league). Players like Victorino, Cust, Giles, and Jacobs are available on the WW. Might I be advised to dump a few that I have and try another route or just go with my current batch and hope they heat up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I would pick up Jacobs for Upton, or try to package some of those guys to get an upgrade. Bradley is defnitely your best performer so far (his RC27 is very comparable to Hamilton’s if you believe it or not) and Jacobs has a chance to match his production if/when he is healthy. Upton and Young both are still “young” – no pun intended – and streaky and probably will be on the wire unless you have a keeper league.

And I would personally drop Smith for Kershaw’s upside in strikeouts, playing in a pitchers park and the rest of the West struggling.

That is my .02

Nate in Springfield

I would dump Butler instantaneously to pick up Victorino. Without a single moment of hesitation.

Thank you Nate. Any and all advice is appreciated!


CS, has anyone heard if Werth is going to the DL? Is Victorino getting regular playing time now? And even with Bradley and Victorino, who do you play in the 3rd OF spot? (I have Berkman, who I can move to the OF but then I have an open 1B spot.)

how did i miss victorino’s name on that list??

nate in springfield

What I ended up doing is dropping Butler, leaving Furcal on the DL, and picking up Victorino and Jacobs. In our points league we’re limited to 35 roster moves per year (I’m at 17 now) and my line-up is: C-Mauer, 1B-Berkman, 2B-Roberts, SS-Escobar, 3B-Braun, OF-Bradley, OF-Kemp, OF-Victorino, UT-Jacobs. Bench: Swisher, Ju. Upton, Votto, Del. Young. DL: Furcal. Thoughts are welcomed! And thanks for all the advice!

Werth is going to the DL….. is Kershaw worth a start this week over Glavine?

I think Glavine’s best days are behind him. I’ll assume Kerhaw would face Maine on Friday at NYM. IF he does well tomorrow, he should start next Friday. But what IF he doesn’t? Assuming he does pitch decently tomorrow, Shea is a pitcher’s park but the Mets have a dangerous line-up. I’d probably still go with him Friday–IF he pitches okay tomorrow.


Kershaw is said to be penciled in for three starts:

Sun 5/26 vs. STL
Fri 5/30 at NYN
Wed 6/4 vs. COL

Those aren’t exactly easy matchups but I think Scherzer had a tougher assignment with PHI, CHN and DET.


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