POD for Monday May 26th and Tuesday May 27th

sorry about missing today’s starts again, I will get this figured out.


Click here for Monday’s Probables and here for Tuesday’s


Show returns Tuesday at 2pm ET.


Siano says…

Monday Pitch Marcum, Webb, Jair, Rasner (I picked him up in 411 for this start), Vazquez, Billingsley, Dempster, Kazmir, Bartolo and King Felix.


I don’t like the rest especially Garland vs red hot Tigers but how intriguing is Sir Sydney? Great numbers but I just can’t say yes.

For Tuesday Pitch Laffey (hottest pitcher in AL ERA wise last 30 days), Kuroda, Blackburn, Cueto (vs. Pirates so lessens the risk), Big Erv, Hudson, Burnett and Smith in a nice macth-up, Lincecum and Haren in a head to head as well and Randy Wlf home vs Nats.

Cory may chime in as well, but either way good luck and have a happy and safe holiday.





Cory just e-mailed this to me…….

Assume “no” for all guys on both days except for these:

Monday: Marcum, Webb, Jurrjens, Sheets, Bergmann, Rasner, Billingsley, Dempster, Vazquez, Kazmir, B.Colon, F.Hernandez

Tomko, G.Olson, Byrd and Nolasco only for those with points to gamble.

Tuesday: Laffey, Kuroda, Burres, A.Miller, Cueto, T.Hudson, Lincecum, Haren, E.Santana, Burnett, G.Smith, Wolf, Matsuzaka.

Snell has to be a “ditch” at this point. Padilla and Sonnanstine only for those who are not faint of heart, along with Blackburn and Looper.

Thanks guys for all your efforts–especially on a 3-day holiday weekend. Enjoy as well.


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