Jay Bruce to be Called up on Tuesday!!!!

This was released by the Reds at 4:59pm ET that Bruce time is about to happen in Cincy.

jbruce450325rw.jpgThe show has been pelted with questions for the past month plus about when guys would get called up and if they would stay. With Kershaw pitching well yesterday and Bruce coming up to make his MLB debut this week it lends a lot to the question of when and why. Cory has been touting June 12th as a guesstimate and while I agree with the thought process of why that guess was made ($$$$) I think it’s unfair for any hosts or “experts” to try and get in the head of an owner, GM or manager. The Reds are seven games under .500 and that should be the reason you call a kid up you think can lend a spark and maybe is just plain better then the current bodies you have out there. A  corresponding roster move has not been made yet so we should wait and see if Freel or Patterson get let go or is it just some 25th guy type cut. In fantasy he obviously needs to be picked up and it really stinks if you hung in there for a while and then cut him four days ago, but you know what this is so beyond anyone’s control it’s beyond a crap shoot and like I always you need luck in fantasy and lots of it. I currently have an e-mail out to Fred Claire who was GM of the Dodgers in 1988 when they took it home and I’m going to get to the bottom of all this guessing and deadlines and buying out arbitration or free agency years. It was obvious in my opinion why the Rays held out on Longoria when he clearly deserved to be the opening day 3B but the Rays are now ten games over .500 so what do they care? Let’s see what Fred thinks about that decision and the others that keep us guessing. I’ll post it in this Blog when Fred gets back to me.



I cut Corey Patterson in the two leagues in which I have (had) him, for what that’s worth. Freel is 3rd base insurance for Encarnacion so he should be safe.

Thank you for the quick tip, guys.
The exact situation described by Mike in his post just occured in my 16 team mixed league. Bruce was dropped by another team on Saturday (2 day waiver time) and i just managed miraculously to pick him right up with the number 12 priority. Amazing! Plus I just had to cut Billy Butler to get him. My OF, which was pretty weak, now looks a bit better : Hart,Hamilton,Bruce, Hawpe(DL), and Stairs.

Since he will be playing in a hitter-friendly ballpark, i’m pretty interested to see what you think his power numbers should look like. My team needs HR contribution.

Keep up the good work. Enjoy the show and the blog.
Fred from France

I actually drafted Bruce but cut him a few weeks into the season. I was able–with y’all’s alert–to pick him up off the waiver wire in my Yahoo points league. I dropped Jacobs but am thinking I should’ve dropped someone else. My options were: Jacobs, Del. Young, Swisher, Jus. Upton, Kemp, or Votto. Thoughts?

I’ve been working on a deal to get Bruce & Longoria in a 14-team keeper league. Right now I’m offering Beckett & VMart for the two. The $1 salaries attached to Bruce & Longoria are very attractive to me from a keeper standpoint whereas Beckett/VMart would cost me more. The upside/potential of Bruce & Longoria seem well worth it…I just need to hope the other owner wants to move up a few more spots in the standings now instead of the future as we’ve been working on this deal for a few weeks now.

I just spent a chunk of my FAAB on Kershaw this weekend b/c my pitching was so weak but it looks like my remaining chunk may be spent on Bruce this week and then start selling players off. I would have to think that Patterson or Hatteburg get designated for assignment for the corresponding roster move. If it is Patterson then that is almost a “non-impact” but if it is Hatteburg then you have to look at that as a vote of confidence for Votto.

Nate in Springfield

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