Unreads for 5/28

I have been offered David Wright FOR Big Erv and Fonzie Soriano in a 13 team mixed vanilla keeper (7 players) league.  I have SP and OF depth and currently have Scott Rolen at 3B.  Thanks fellas, Boise Bill

Hey Bill,

You’re definitely giving up a lot here, but I’d still do the deal.  Soriano’s been on a tear of late, hitting .340 with nine homers and 23 RBI in the month of May.  30-35 homers is a reasonable expectation, but Soriano’s been very inconsistent in the average department, and since he hits in the leadoff spot, his RBI opportunities are limited.  Soriano’s injury history is also a legitimate concern, and his stolen bases are almost nonexistent.   

Wright’s clearly the best player in this deal, and though he’s off to a bit of a slow start (yes, .281-9-36 is a slow start for him), he’ll provide elite across the board production.  He might fall short of Soriano in homers, but his AVG, RBI, and SB numbers will make up for it.  Wright is a gigantic upgrade over Rolen at 3B.  

Big Erv has been perhaps the biggest (no pun intended!) pitching surprise of 2008.  After a rough stretch where he gave up 13 runs over 17 2/3 innings, Santana rebounded nicely in his last outing, pitching a complete game three-hitter.  With his road woes behind him, the 25-year old should be in line for a great year.  That said, you’ve likely seen the best part of his season.  He’s pitched over 150 innings in a single year just once in his big league career, and it’s quite possible that he’ll wear down as the season goes along.

Considering your depth at the OF and SP positions, I have no problem selling high on Big Erv and letting someone else ride the roller coaster that is Alfonso Soriano.  This is a perfectly fair trade.  I just like your side of it a little more.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

Hey Guys,

Have Peavy on my roster and need to drop a pitcher from my staff to make room. Who would you drop? B.Burres, E. Jackson, or C. Vargas


Hey James,

Edwin Jackson stays. His WHIP has risen to 1.39 and he has walked 30 batters in 59 2/3 innings, but he also has a 3.47 ERA with 43 strikeouts. He has allowed four earned runs in 25 1/3 innings over four starts. He has given up just four home runs this season and, more importantly, he has started to realize some of the potential that once made him a highly-lauded prospect with the Dodgers.

Brian Burres was abysmal in his last start (3 2/3 IP, 10 H, 8 ER), but he had five quality starts earlier this season. He has made four starts in which he has either given up one earned run or not allowed a run at all. He had a three-game streak from May 6-17 in which he had a 34-to-22 ground ball-to-fly ball rate, which explained his 3.16 ERA heading into his last start. He has looked impressive and he seems to be firmly entrenched in the Orioles rotation.

The same cannot be said for Vargas. He hasn’t issued many hits or runs in three starts for the Mets (3.93 ERA, 1.03 WHIP) but he also has just a 10/7 K/BB ratio. Furthermore, with Pedro Martinez slated to return to the rotation next week, Vargas may find himself relegated to bullpen duty or sent to Triple-A. I suppose Vargas could take Mike Pelfrey’s rotation spot if the youngster continues to struggle (5.33 ERA, 1.77 WHIP).

I wouldn’t expect much from Burres or Vargas, but I would rather keep the pitcher who has a more stable rotation spot. Burres should be in Baltimore’s rotation the rest of the season. Drop Vargas.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com       


Hey guys, I’m in a 10 team H2H points keeper league. 22 man roster.
I was offered Granderson for Wainright. Not sure what to do because granderson has not been so good this year and wainright has been great.
my outfeild has bay, burrell and matsui with ortiz in my Util spot. while my rotation consists of oswalt, harang, billingsly, perez, Javier Vazquez,
with lidge and papelbon giving me points with saves.
do i do the deal to get some keeper value in the outfield plus expect a big second half from granderson? or stick with the hot young arm of wainright?
I am trying to trade one of my current outfeilders maybe for a power 1B (I have Loney and swisher) to make room for granderson if I do the deal.

For what it’s worth, I think I make the deal. Both Wainwright and Granderson are farily young (both born in 1981). As you’re in a keeper league, Granderson is the everyday player and I think that equates to better value over the long haul.


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