Fav 5 Bucket List


1. Learn to play guitar


2. Learn to surf

3. Drive cross country

4. Finish my tattoo checklist

5. Make good on unfulfilled crushes from summer camp, high school and college


#1 Catch with Don Mattingly

#2 Dinner in Italy


#3 Golf in Scotland followed by a trip to the distillery

#4 Hole in One

#5 Walk Augusta on Sunday



1) Actually find a woman I can tolerate and have little Stern’s

2) Make It to National Television

3) Spend a long vacation in Hawaii/swim with dolphins


4) Mile High Club

5) See the Isles and Mets win a championship


I wonder if Siano likes golf? Hopefully C. Schwartz’s wife doesn’t see #5, and Casey: The Isles suck!

Thanks for reading mine on the show guys, glad you liked them. I actually had more, but I cut it to 5 and tried to keep it clean. In case anyone missed it, the five things I want to do before I die are:

1. Make love on the moon

2. Eat an endangered species

3. Punch a clown

4. Wear parachute pants

5. Vomit on a celebrity

(Yes, really.)

I love Cory’s pick about the girls he used to have crushes on. Just remember- the only difference between a creepy stalker and John Cusack in “Say Anything” is a boombox and a Peter Gabriel song.

-Dan in Los Angeles

For anyone who wonders why we do this Fave Five stuff, Dan in LA just answered it for you. Frankly, that list is so dead-on funny that I’m really not sure how we’re ever going to follow it. Garden variety teenage crush stalking just can’t match up to “punch a clown.” I still haven’t stopped laughing. Great stuff Dan, thanks!!

Great lists by all.

My Top 5

5. See A Game 7, preferably of the World Series

4. Find a person on the universe who watches the TV Show “Jag”, I have never heard anyone ever talk or discuss this show.

3. Want to travel Cross-Country, like Corey said. Kind of the Jack Kurouaec style, go to diners and feel Americana.

2. Learn to play guitar/piano

1. Play James Bond in a film.

Just wanted to say that this was by far the best Fav 5 show thusfar. The photos knocked me out of my chair laughing and then Dan’s list was the tops!
I’m going to lunch now to enjoy some roast panda. Have a nice weekend goofballs!

One of the guys said something to the effect of “Dan’s list is the end of the ‘Fav-5’; you can’t top that”, and I held a glimmer of hope that it would come true. With all due respect, you guys aren’t funny. You have a great deal of interesting baseball insight and analysis to offer, but I’m looking elsewhere if I want to be entertained by marginal pop culture references. I’ve tuned into the show for several years now in order to draw some cutting edge knowledge of the game, and these lists, the cute segments and titles, and everything else that has happened to the show this season has taken away from the wealth of raw knowledge that exist in the brains of Schwartz and Siano.

I don’t know if having Zach Steinhorn on for nearly one-third of Wednesday’s show was your rendition of ripping off Howard Stern – he has a similarly un-socialized, marble-mouthed, pale, akward intern who is more likely to have seen the better half of a woman – but it was painful to watch. There’s a reason that an overwhelming percentage of the entertainment industry works far from the public’s view.

Your show was great in previous years because answering questions via phone/e-mail/IM led to extemporaneous discussion that helped to develop valuable nuggets of information from Siano and Schwartz, but the dumbed-down format leaves the viewer with little more information than if they had turned to the slightly worse fantasy focus from ESPN. I don’t doubt that this will have zero impact on how you’ll operate from day-to-day, but the show has absolutely “jumped the shark”, and a healthy number of fantasy baseball addicts are forced to look elsewhere for something that isn’t begging to become so mainstream.

My Bucket List top 5

5. Do the baseball stadium tour (and try to mix in as many minor league parks as possible)
4. Spend a day in every country
3. Compete in a national competitive food eating event
2. Write and Direct a feature film
1. Race in and finish the IronMan Triathlon

Near Future Fave 5 to consider. Top 5 ways to stimulate the economy with your stimulus check:

5. TiVo 20g HD + 3year subscription — 598.99
4. order 1132 wings at your favorite local wing joint’s $.50 wing night — $599.96 (assuming 6% tax)
3. Subscribe to nutra-system, buy a new pair of shoes and an exercise bike to work off the wings — $319.95+$99.99+$179.99 = $599.93
2. Sit in section tier reserved 19 row F for the last game at Yankee stadium — $596.10 (via stubhub)
1. Go to Vegas, bet on black. Win, bet on Black again. win again. take 2000, of your 2400 and bet on the Cincinnati Reds game. Win, then blow 2400 in Texas Hold’em trying to pretend your Chris Moneymaker. But then tell everyone you only bet $1000 on the reds game and had $2000 left, which you promptly lose because you are sure the Wheel of fortune is going to land on 20, “It’s gonna hit on twenty? – Yeah. Definitely twenty.” total cost — $600

i heard Dan in LA’s list on the Podcast. hilarious!!!

as for me, this has been mentioned before, but one thing i would love to do is spend a summer driving around and visiting every MLB ballpark and watching a game.

To the person who posted as firedustybaker@gmail.com: I agree with your e-mail handle, and beyond that, you can get lost. Seriously, if your idea of a constructive post is to make fun of Zack, I hope you do find some other show to follow. Whatever you think of Zack’s personality, good or bad, he happens to be a very sharp guy who pays close attention to everything that goes on in baseball and grasps quite a bit about players, teams, situations, and fantasy baseball in general. Give the kid a break. If you want to take shots at anyone, save those for Siano, Casey and me.

Beyond that, you are flat wrong about the content of the show. No one was more skeptical about the new format of the show and if I’m sold on it now, there’s no reason anyone else shouldn’t be. I keep track of how many e-mails/IM’s/phone calls we answer during each show and in the old format we would generally get about 6-8. In the new format, that is the minimum, not the average, and that still leaves plenty of time for in-depth discussion of plenty of topics. Mike and I stick to the format because it enables us to cover a wide variety of topics, but when we want to go into detail or be extemporaneous on a topic, we do it.

Finally, some may like the fave five list and other segments, and some may hate them, but to complain about a 10-minute diversion during five hours of weekly programming, is just lame. Most of the feedback we’ve gotten on the segments has been very positive.

I’m sorry you disagree and that is your prerogative, but the personal shots at Zack really annoy me.


Wow, Cory.

firedustybaker- if you don’t think the show is funny, that’s your opinion and you’re certainly entitled to it.
Here’s another opinion: firedustybaker, YOU’RE not funny. Making presumptious and malicious remarks about people you don’t know is not funny. It’s just senseless and pathetic.

If you want hard-boiled fantasy knowledge without any levity, there are tons of other options online if you care to find them. Don’t come here and bash the show- just don’t watch it. I, for one, won’t miss you.

Go Cory.

Firedustybaker your an idiot. Why attack Zack you don’t even know the guy and have only seen on screen for just over 30 mins. I didn’t like the new format to the show at the start but i like it now, things change and evolve for the better. You couldn’t expect the format to stay the way it was forever. The fave five is a great part of the new format, its funny, insightful into the scary and wacky worlds of Schwartz, Siano and Stern. Each week i can’t wait to see what is their Fave 5. Schwartz, Siano, Stern (s3, s cubed as i like to call them) keep doing a good job.

Firedustybaker, you could go and crawl back under the rock that you came from and stay there. I for one won’t miss you.

Keep up the good work Zack and your facts rox.

Jan in Glasgow.

It is my opinion that criticism like what Firedustybaker expressed should be reserved for emails to the producers of the show. Bringing it up in a public forum is just begging for trouble and, not to mention, in bad taste. Nonetheless, I respect everyone’s individual opinions so I’d like to give mine.

I have been watching/listening to this show for over 5 years. This year has seen some great improvements in my eyes. There is much better structure and the integration of this blog has made it more of a community. When I watch the 411, I feel like I’m part of it and I’m sure others do to. I think the Fav 5 segments play a big role in that. You guys rock.

You can please some people sometimes, but you can’t please all people all of the time.

firewhoeverwhatever.com is DTM.

firewhoeverwhatever.com = ditch

firewhoeverwhatever.com isnt even a monday/thursday guy.


To Firedustybaker : Cory is absolutly right, stop blasting Zach, his contribution to the 411 is simply amazing, who else would have the time to respond to all those emails. If you don’t find the show entertaining than don’t listen.

MY TOP 5 :


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