Pitch or Ditch for Sunday

CORY’S PICKS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PITCH: Colon, Byrd (if you like to gamble, KC is awful), Rasner, Smith, Burnett, Hudson, Lincecum, Haren, Kuroda, Santana.
DITCH: Everyone else, for varying reasons.


Ditch on Wolf at San Francisco?

Oh snap, he is up against Lincecum. Still good for a handful of Ks I’m sure.

Thanks for the help Cory.

After last night performance against Web has Bergmann graduated from POD?

I don’t like Wolf on the road, even at SF. I do think Bergmann is a graduate, despite the 4 HR’s. No walks and what, 7 or 8 K’s? He’s been very impressive when healthy, since the start of last season. Too bad he wont’ get much run support.

My updated pitch or ditch stats for 2008. I have tracked any player that I acquired off the free agent/waiver pool for a start in any of my 4 leagues. (Counting each start only once even if I started the same player in multiple leagues).

Overall: 103 games; 642.7 IP, 43 W, 484 K, 3.52 ERA, 1.27 WHIP.

April: 50 games; 301.3 IP, 21 W, 223 K, 3.43 ERA, 1.14 WHIP

May: 53 games; 325 IP, 21 W, 247 K, 3.35 ERA, 1.37 WHIP

I have also broken it down by players I’ve kept and players I’ve ditched. (Kept being defined as kept til his next start – obviously certain players I’ve kept for many starts).

Kept players: 44 games, 283 IP, 21 W, 218 K, 2.70 ERA, 1.14 WHIP
Dropped payers: 59 games, 343.3 IP, 21 W, 252 K, 3.96 ERA, 1.35 WHIP

I’ve used 38 different pitchers. I’ve found that several of the players I ditched I wish I wouldn’t have because somebody else snagged them and never dropped them.

Here are some of my notable PODers:
Bartolo Colon 2 G, 13 IP, 2 W, 9 K, 3.46, 1.15
Cliff Lee 8 G, 57 IP, 6 W, 45K, 2.20, 1.08
Dustin McGowan 2G, 13 IP, 11K, 2.03, 1.35 (check out his Home/Road splits – unreal – including last year!)
Ervin Santana 9 G, 62 IP, 5 W, 54K, 2.89, 0.95
Gavin Floyd 5 G, 35 IP, 3 W, 21K, 1.78, 0.85
Jair Jurrjens 7 G, 39 IP, 2 W, 26K, 3.46, 1.51
Max Scherzer 3 G, 15 IP, 16 K, 1.20, 1.47 (only includes his starts)
Randy Wolf 10 G, 55 IP, 3 W, 56K, 3.46, 1.10
Ryan Dempster 3 G, 18 IP, 2 W, 11K, 3.50, 1.11
Shaun Marcum 2 G, 13 IP, 2 W, 13 K, 1.35, 0.90
Todd Wellemeyer 3 G, 19 IP, 18 K, 4.74, 1.16
Wandy Rodriguez 5 G, 28 IP, 25 K, 2.89, 1.29

Obviously I also have some rough outings from guys like Johnny Cueto, Jon Danks, Scott Olsen, Andy Sonnastine, Clay Buchholz, etc.

Pitch or Ditch has saved me in the league where my top 3 drafted pitchers were Rich Hill, Ian Snell, and Yovani Gallardo….

I’m having a rough start to June POD with Rasner, Smith, and Colon all having rough outings today.

Greg in Iowa.


Interesting stats. POD is helpful for me but in my league, we’re limited to 35 transactions (WW/free agent pick-ups) so it’s tough to ditch a player. It’s almost pitch or bench for me.

I’ve had terrible success with my starters getting wins. It’s a points league and wins are huge yet I’m second to last in wins. My rotation is:

1. Harang
2. Hamels
3. Bedard
4. Lackey
5. P. Martinez (just picked him up).


I stand corrected. I am last in our 11-team mixed league in wins with 20. Second-to-last has 21. If I had 35 win, which the overall league points leader has, then I’m sitting a solid second overall.

Some of my other starters this season has been Cueto, Kuroda, Jerrgens, Greg Smith, Bonderman, Snell, and Gorzellany. Ugh!


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