POD for Monday June 2nd

reminder that there is no show on Thursday and Friday due to the draft, but that Schwartz and Zach will be blogging POD , Unreads etc.. for those two days from 2-3pm ET.


I’ll be in on Monday and then done for the week to go do my real job, but I really like my fake one……Siano


Monday’s Probables


I say pitch Guthrie (really just a hard luck loser and no Big Papi most likely), Pettitte, Olsen, Laffey, Harden, Wainwright, Big Erv, Big Z, sure why not on Derek Lowe at home vs battered Rox, and last chance on Ollie Perez , if he can’t stop the Giants he is getting cut by me in 411 no doubt.


t1_oliverperez.jpgSanchez is interesting with the Mets having to fly cross country after being the ESPN night game, I could see some sluggish bats vs Sanchez’s fireballs.


Ditch the rest even Arroyo but just because its Philly.Also I think the Doug Davis to bullpen watch is on, he needs to be effective to keep Scherzer at bay.


For me this is do-or-die for Derek Lowe. QS or bust.

Sorry I’m late to the party. My two cents:

PITCH: Guthrie (ignore the W-L), Wainwright, Zambrano, Harden, E.Santana and Lowe (two straight excellent starts and Rox offense is gutted right now).

Arroyo, O.Perez and J.Sanchez are much tougher calls. Arroyo is on a roll but in Philadelphia is about the toughest matchup anyone could draw right now, and they roughed him up earlier in the year in Cincy. I say pitch, but don’t mind if anyone wants to ditch.

Ollie Perez always pitches his best just when we’re about ready to invite him to club DTM, and in SF is a good time and place to get healthy. Pitch, but if he stinks here, there’s nowhere else to go.

J.Sanchez has been better lately and is at home, and the Mets are erratic offensively. Another pitch, but again, ditch if you have a weak stomach.

Good luck!

Siano – If Ollie is cut before the 1st inning is over, does anyone hear it???

– BDH in DC (ouch, horrific start)

Can’t believe I kept Oliver on my team this long…finally cut him before he got pulled last nite. Good riddance and welcome to my “Never Draft This Guy Again” list.

Looks like those tough calls went 1-for-3, not good enough. If it’s any consolation to anyone, I put my money where my mouth is and had Arroyo active in NFBC.
Welcome, Ollie, to Club DTM…

knew I shouldn’t have let you talk me into starting Laffey…guhhh!

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