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Hey guys love the show, have a quick trade question for you.

12 team 5×5  vanilla non-keeper league.

I need help with my pitching rotation and an owner in my league wants Teixeira who I currently have at the CI position . I would trade Teixeira and get back Kazmir and Billingsley. I can move Braun from outfield to CI and replace him with Hawpe when he comes off the DL. What do you think?


Hey Chris,

I’d hate to give up Mark Teixeira.  Heading into 2008, I thought he’d have a monster season, in the neighborhood of .300-40-120.  A .309-16-48 second half to 2007 combined with the fact that this year would be a contract year were the main reasons for my optimism.  Despite somewhat of a slow start, Tex has been on fire of late, going  9 for 27 with 3 homers and 13 RBI over his past seven games.  And the best may be yet to come, as he’s a notorious slow starter.  Without knowing more about your team it’s hard to say if your offense is in good enough shape to afford the loss of Teixeira.  It’s also hard to determine the true extent of your need for pitching.  My first choice would be to keep Tex, as hitting should always be given priority over pitching.  Kazmir and Billingsley, although extremely talented, both have their question marks.  Can Kazmir finish off the season without making another trip to the DL?  Can Billingsley take the next step towards ace status by cutting down on the walks?  (He’s issued 34 free passes in 65 2/3 innings)  That said, this trade is a totally legit one.  To go along with the question marks, Kazmir and Billingsley also have a ton of upside and can be flat out dominant at times.  Carefully look over your roster one more time to objectively determine whether you can get by with your current pitching staff.  If you’re fully convinced that the answer is “no”, go ahead and make the trade.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

Hey guys…the show rules…dunno how I got my FLB fix before the 411. Here’s the question:

10 team, 5×5, 5 keeper league. I’m in 1st right now. 1st or 2nd in all offensive cats. 1st – 3rd in all pitching stats.

I’m thinking about offering the following deal to the last place team in the league:
I send: J. Bruce, M. Kemp and Eva(n) Longoria I get: J. Reyes and B. Sheets

I am asking for too much?


Hey K.C.D,

Classic over-managing move here. You’re in first place, so why do you feel the need to shake things up? And why in the world would you want to give up three very keeper-worthy players for one keeper (Reyes) and another whose injury history and position make him much less desirable when given only five keeper options?

Reyes has fantastic speed, as evidenced by his 18 steals in 23 attempts this year, not to mention the 202 bags he swiped from 2005-07. Of course, he was caught stealing 53 times in that span, so he isn’t the most successful base stealer in the game; he just runs so much that he inevitably accrues a high amount of steals. Anyway, aside from the steals, Reyes isn’t valuable enough to sacrifice your three-headed monster of young studs. Reyes scores plenty of runs (36 this year), but the .284 hitter is batting right in line with his career average and he won’t drive in many runs batting from the leadoff spot.

Speaking of fantastic, Sheets looks that way seemingly every time he takes the mound, but how many times can you realistically expect him to step onto the rubber? The guy just can’t stay healthy. He has started 22, 17 and 24 games the past three seasons, and though he has already made 11 starts this year – with an exceptional 2.71 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and 60/13 K/BB ratio in 76 1/3 innings – I wouldn’t be comfortable trading three very good young players with Sheets representing half of the return. The potential for injury is just too great.

Bruce, well, I love the guy. I have him on one of my main teams and have been rewarded with a .591 average (13-for-22), 10 runs, two long balls, six RBIs, two steals and a ******** 1.690 OPS. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he probably won’t maintain that AVG and OPS, but it is entirely plausible for him to finish with a .300 AVG, 20 homers, 70 RBIs and an OPS around .900. And he’s just 21 years old.

Kemp took 39 fewer games this season to match his 10 steals from last year and his power potential makes him a highly sought-after commodity. He can easily be an annual 20/20 guy with an outside chance at 30/30 numbers.

Longoria, despite sometimes being confused as an NBA player’s wife, will probably be an annual first-round pick in two years, maybe even one year. The third baseman has already socked seven home runs and driven in 28 runs, and, even though third base is a deep position, Longoria will be the cream-of-the-crop in a very short time.

So, K.C.D, no, you are not asking for too much. In fact, I wouldn’t make this trade. Look at it this way: Bruce, Longoria and Kemp (can I just call them BLK?) can each contribute invaluably to all five offensive categories in your league, with the possible exception of Longoria with steals. Reyes is fantastic in two categories – steals and runs – but just slightly above-average in three others (HRs, RBIs, AVG). Sheets is a fine contributor but I don’t advise mortgaging BLK on the chance that he might remain healthy. Build for the future with BLK, don’t be so kind to last-place teams and good luck with your immediate success!

Kyle Stack, MLB.com



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