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Hi Guys.  Dear God, I need your assistance with this one.

I have a logjam at OF in a ten team mixed H2H keeper league.  I start Ichiro, McLouth, Spilborghs, and Pierre (utility spot) Also have Murphy and Hermida on my bench.  I just traded Hermida for Carlos Gomez as of today, yet another outfielder, so I am still in trouble.  I have been scouting C. Gonzales all season and am now about to grab him, but whom should I let go? Also, is giving James Loney for Hafner a great potential steal for me?

Tucson, AZ

Hey Malik,

Well, Ichiro and McLouth will obviously stay. Pierre and Gomez are great stolen base guys. The Rockies outfield is a mess, but Hawpe is slated to return soon. Holliday remains out, though, which should mean continued playing time for Spilborghs, who is hitting .310 with a .407 on-base percentage and 23 RBIs. David Murphy is batting .326 with seven doubles, two home runs and 15 RBIs since May 13, but he has just one walk – along with one intentional walk – in 87 plate appearances! Yikes. However, he is hitting the ball well and plays in a hitter-friendly park, Rangers Ballpark at Arlington. He has to stay on your team.

If you’re thinking long-term, then I would replace Gomez with Gonzalez. Gomez has great speed, but what good does it do you if he can’t reach base? The center fielder has a .311 on-base percentage despite batting .280. My goodness, even Juan Pierre is reaching base more often (.347) and Pierre is a more efficient base stealer (21 steals in 25 attempts vs. Gomez’s 17 steals in 23 attempts). Plus, Ichiro and McLouth are there to accumulate more stolen bags for you, so it looks like Gomez is expendable.

As for Loney/Hafner, I would stick with Loney. He’s not your prototypical slugging first baseman (10 doubles, five home runs), so it would be wonderful if he could at least improve his .280 average to offset the lack of power production at a typically powerful position. However, just take a look at his September last year (.382 AVG, 1.138 OPS, nine homers, 32 RBIs) to remind yourself that he dose have some pop in his bat. I’d rather keep him around to see if he gets hot in the second half rather than gamble on the 30-year-old Hafner to repeat numbers from his prime.

Kyle Stack, MLB.com

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Personally, I wouldn’t dump Gomez in a keeper league. I’d dump Murphy because his minor league track record doesn’t support his current production, nor does the lack of walks, and at age 26 he’s beyond prospect status. Or I’d dump Juan Pierre simply because I hate him.

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