POD for Monday June 9th

I say yes on these guys for tomorrow,






cain (at Nats so not a bad pick but man he is testing pateince)





My two cents for Monday:

PITCH: Mussina, Contreras, Litsch (not a big fan, but taking a shot), Saunders (this can’t last forever, but keep riding it for now(, R.Johnson, Lee (ERA will go up more but K/BB is more important), Volquez, Cain, E.Jackson (but cover your eyes!).

DITCH: Duke, Willis, Hendrickson, Clippard, Hochevar, Perkins, Washburn.

Good luck!


Thanks for going out of your way guys to help us on the weekend.


Thanks guys, I have Hochevar/Unit/Litsch in a 14-team league and am only putting out the Unit tonite. Hochevar I’m only keeping on the roster because he had moments…not sure if he would be keeper worthy or not but his low salary ($1) and flashes of good performances makes it tough to drop him.

Pitch – Monday June 9th

Randy Johnson
Edison Valquez
John Danks
Mike Mussina – Yankees bats are here
Jesse Litsch
Matt Cain – He is due for a good outing

Cliff Lee
Dontrelle Willis – Never
Mark Hendrickson
Luke Hochevar – Too young
Glen Perkins
Zake Duke
Edwin Sackson
Tyler Clippard – Giants are not as bad as they look on paper!!!!!

Need urgent OF help. I am in a 16 team h2h league. Lineups and moves are weekly. I have Holiday returning this week and need to bench one OF.
C. Lee – DH
Thomas on DL, but will need to make another move later.

I say bench Ross, he’s on a nice run but the Marlins still aren’t playing him every day. The other guys are all hitting and you can’t punt playing time. Good luck!

My opinon on the OF is that Ross is going to the person to drop. He is hot right now but can he keep that up. I personal do not think so. Abreu, the bats are starting to heat up in Yankee town! Dunn(hitters will hit)! Pence on fire and in that lead off spot should be getting more runs and maybe a chance to run a little. Murphy, not yet but still a little more season than Ross

Thanks Joel- Indianapolis

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