The MLB on CBS ( that is)

If you haven’t noticed I wrote an article on about Tout and now this week will be Cory followed by Alex “The Kid” Cushing.


Click here for my article and I’ll update when Cory’s is posted.


As an update my AL Tout team is struggling some. I had a very nice April and then a very slow May. A-Rod is back and I need some more pop in the corner. After that I will let the chips fall where they may and be aggresive with my remaining FAAB. I am by no means out of it so looking forward to riding A-Rod back to the promised land.




Nice piece, Mike. I especially liked the note at the bottom, “you can e-mail Mr. Siano….”

how mature you are becomming…

“This week’s columnist, Mike Siano, WRITES for” could they not have included also co host of fantasy 411 show on with fellow Tout Wars player in Cory Schwartz.

“You can e-mail Mr. Siano a question or a comment about this column” that is a very mature comment like the above comment.

You are promoting their site and articles on here so why don’t they cross promote by putting the fantasy page of or this very blog on it.

Forgot to say Nice article, Mike.

Jan in Glasgow.

In case anyone is sitting at home tonight with nothing to do, I will be a call-in guest on “Talking Baseball Live” with Lenny Melnick and Paul Greco. I’ll be on starting around 8:10 p.m. ET and here’s the link where you can check it out:

Lenny is of course one of the godfathers of fantasy baseball and Paul is an informed and funny host, so it should be a good time. Tune in!


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