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I’m in a 13 team mixed 5×5 league…looking for some help.  I’m weak in MI right now.  I’ve got Bossman, Young and Crosby filling up my middle.  Looking to acquire Brian Roberts.  He’s asking for Aramis Ramirez.  I think it’s too much to give up.  I’ve countered with Granderson since I’m stacked in the outfield.  Am I overvaluing Ramirez?  There’s not much on our waiver wire to choose from since our rosters are 33 deep.

Ken in the Nati

Hey Ken,

A-Ram and Roberts are very comparable in terms of fantasy value, as both were taken somewhere around the late-third early-fourth round on draft day.  If you’re in dire need for speed, you might want to consider accepting this deal.  Roberts is easily a 35-40 SB guy over the course of a full season.  The downside here is that the Orioles aren’t exactly an offensive juggernaut.  Baltimore’s averaging a mere 4.2 runs per game, and Roberts will have a hard time matching last year’s run total of 103.  He’s a sure top five second baseman, but I think you can make do without him.

Aramis Ramirez will likely top Roberts in every roto category besides steals, and although third base is a fairly deep position this year, there are few players more consistent than Ramirez, who’s batted at least .291, launched at least 26 homers, and driven in at least 92 in each of his four seasons with the Cubs.  This is despite missing 39 games in 2005 and 30 games in 2007.  While the injury issue is a bit of a concern, Aramis has played in almost every game this season and is putting up his usual top notch numbers.

Now let’s move on to the main reason why I think you should pass on this trade.  Your middle infield situation for a 13 team league with 33 man rosters is far from weak!  Upton’s a stud 2B, Young’s an upper tier SS who’s having a very good start to the season (.309-6-32), and Crosby’s a fine contributor.  Young and Crosby don’t run much, so I can see why you’re targeting Roberts, but assuming you’ve got some other SB sources, your MI trio is quite solid.  

Although Roberts undoubtedly improves your team, I think Ramirez will provide better across the board production.  If you can snag Roberts at a slightly lower price (Granderson is a good example), by all means look into it.  But giving up A-Ram in order to address primarily one category is a dangerous move.

Zach Steinhorn  



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