Upcoming Fave Fives

Hey gang, just a reminder that this week’s Fave Five topic will be Saturday Night Live cast members. I’m sure Siano and Sterno will have a lot of Sandler, Farley and Spade in there, but for me personally, I’m partial to the classic original lineup…


We have a long list of Five Five topics going forward but we’d like to hear from you: what do you think would be some good ones? We want the F5 to be fun but we also want to get back to doing more baseball and sports-related themes, or at least those where we can mix in some sports with the “other stuff” so let us know your suggestions. Just remember it’s a family show, so keep ’em clean!



Fave 5 childhood baseball heroes

Fave 5 Hall of Famers

Fave 5 baseball memories- could be a game, could be a little league memory, could be a game you saw on TV that stuck with you.

Fave Five manager tirades is a must. Others might be fights (think Nolan Ryan v Robin Ventura) and nicknames.

Have a Busy Day on Wednesday. Going to post mine now
W. Farrell
Dana Carvey
Phil Hartman-Best EVER
Eddie Muphy
Chevy Chase-Little Old School Cast there for you Cory!

Thanks Joel-Indianapolis

Top Five Game Shows
Top Five Radio Announcers-ALL TIME BASEBALL
Top Five Shoe Commerical

Those are wait the Office came up with.

Thanks Joel-Indianapolis

Top 5 non-baseball athletes
Top 5 stadiums
Top 5 days of the week
Top 5 sexiest women on TV past and present
Top 5 bad movies (5 worst movies of all time)

James in Chicago

Fave 5:

Funniest Baseball plays ever seen, in your life time.
Ballpark foods
Non baseball sports
Baseball players of all time
Momentoes/things. (The five things you would rescue from a fire, excluding family.)

Jan in Glasgow

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