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12 team mixed league 25 man roster

Can I get your blessing on this trade? I was offered Vlad and C.Gomez for Wainwright and Nathan. I know that you say trade pitching for bats. If I pull the trigger I will have B.J. Upton, Braun, Granderson, Vlad and Holliday in the outfield with Gomez and Ludwick on the bench. I will lose my best closer. Your thoughts?.

Reese Baez

Hey Reese,

I wouldn’t do this trade. Yes, normally trading pitching for hitting is a wise decision, since hitters tend to be easier to predict and less likely to have their performances affected by injuries. In this case, though, you need to realize the strength, and possible weakness, of your team.

It appears that your outfield – with two certifiable first-rounders in Braun and Holliday – is already a strength. Throw in Upton and Granderson, and I don’t think mortgaging your best closer (Nathan) and a very good starter (Wainwright) – depleting your pitching staff in the process – is worth improving an already strong component of your team.

You can afford to play Ludwick, even if he might not be able to sustain his .305 batting average. He’s hitting just .219 since May 20 and his .336 BABIP is still higher than his career average of .309. A further correction to his once-lofty average might still be in order. But, you can afford to put him in the everyday lineup when you have Braun, Holliday, Upton and Granderson there to make up for his cold streak.

Carlos Gomez looked like a 100-steal threat in April when he swiped 11 bags in 12 opportunities, but he has stolen just six bags in 13 chances since then. You probably don’t need his speed, even if he were more successful in the steals department. Upton already has 20 steals, and Braun (4 steals), Granderson (3) and Holliday (8) should each post double-digit stolen bags.

Wainwright was placed on the 15-day disabled list today, retroactive to June 8, with a sprained right middle finger. He might miss three starts, but he should be set to go for July, August and September. He has been a dependable starter this season with a 3.14 ERA, 1.09 WHIP and a 62/20 K/BB rate in 91 2/3 innings. Wouldn’t you like to be a beneficiary of his production in the second half of the year?

Nathan has been as steady as ever, converting 16 of 17 save opportunities with a 1.40 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and striking out 26 batters in 25 2/3 innings. If you say he is your best closer, then I say keep him, along with Wainwright, and search for an upgrade for Ludwick on the waiver wire.

Hitting is usually more valuable than pitching, but in this case, you might need your pitching to balance out your roster. Good luck!

Kyle Stack


Who is your 2nd basemen…maybe you could move Upton to 2nd (personally think he brings more bang for the $ @ 2nd over OF) and start Ludwick in OF. Agree, limited value to trade for Gomez and then bench him. Keep Nathan and Wainwright and move your 2nd basemen for OF perhaps?


awesome feedback Kyle. love the rationale and support behind it.

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