Fav 5 SNL Cast Members


5. Norm MacDonald (1993-1998)

4. Dan Aykroyd (1975-1980)

3. Adam Sandler (1990-1995)

2. Will Ferrell (1995-2002)

1. John Belushi (1975-1979)


5. Eddie Murphy

4. Mike Myers

3. Dana Carvey

2. Chris Farley

1. Phil Hartman


#5 Chris Farley: he was just nuts and over the top and you have to tip your cap to the guy who lives in a van down by the river or dances off with swayze.

#4 Amy Poehler: Right there with any of em. She’s great on weekend update and her characters in any skit shine like the girl who asks all the questions, Walken’s niece and any other skit she’s in.

#3 Phil Hartman: a good mix of Hammond and Ferrel just a slight notch below. Caveman lawyer and the best Sinatra impression ever.

#2 Darrell Hammond: the best impressionist ever on SNL. 12 years of Clinton, Trump, Dr. Phil Jesse Jackson but of course Sean Connery tormenting Ferrell’s tremendous Trebek.

#1 Will Ferrel: the best because I love impressions and he is remembered for original characters. That said Harry Carry is the ultimate.



I stopped watching around 1996 so I don’t know the newer cast members…from what it seems most are pretty forgettable aside from Ferrell & A.Poehler.

5. Adam Sandler
4. Phil Hartman
3. Dan Aykroyd
2. John Belushi
1. Bill Murray ( I know he wasn’t there very long but still…it’s Bill Murray)

tough to leave out Carvey, E.Murphy & Farley & even Kevin Nealon…

and Christopher Walken as best guest host!

No love for Joe Piscopo? (kidding)

I have some suggestions for top 5 lists….

Top five sports mustaches

Top five things people do to annoy you

Top five unattainable women (can be celebrities, and most likely will be)

Top five most embarrassing moments of your life

Top five best days of your life

Top five alcoholic beverages (aka the drunk five)

-Dan in Los Angeles

5. Dan Akroyd
4. Dana Carvey
3. Chris Farley
2. Norm MacDonald
1. Christopher Walken

If anyone can get to this, I’ve got an interesting and likelky time-sensitive offer from a nervous Pujols owner… I would get Peavy, Brian Roberts, and Joe Mauer in exchange for Fielder, Masterson, and Liriano. This is a H2H where we only start 1C, no CI or MI, and only 3OF and a Util, and I’ve currently got:
C – Olivo (drafted Towles… d’oh!)
1B – D-Lee (so I’m set there)
2B – Cano (he can slot to Util to replace Prince)
I wouldn’t hesitate pulling the trigger on this one if I didn’t feel like I was giving up the best player in the deal with Fielder, and I’m trusting Will Carrol’s opinion that Peavy should be back to form once he’s off of his pitch limit. Any thoughts on this one? Thanks for your time on this – the show’s as good as it’s ever been, keep up the great work!

– Adam in Stl.

Thanks for the enlighting me about SNL. Its not over on here in the UK. Would love to check it out. Siano nearly crying was funny.

Hope the fave fives that are in left the lunch box arent about US shows so non us viewers can participate.

Jan in Glasgow.

Just because you aren’t from the US doesn’t mean you can’t participate. I am from Chicago but am well versed in overseas television. Black Books was my fav show ever with Dylan Moran from the UK. That being said, Jan, MLB is broadcast from the US and therefore has themes as such. I’m not trying to be pompous or unsympathetic to your concern, but the lunch box has no feelings, just wads of fav 5 awesomeness most likely geared towards its majority fan base.

Ed in Chicago

Ed, i totally understand that the mlbam studios are in NY so a fair amount of the stuff will be US centric which i don’t at all. Its just when they’re talking about shows like SNL, which don’t get broadcast outside the US and they are laughing about stuff you wish you knew what they were going on about. That is all. Plus as the Dynamic duo say this is broadcast on Al Gore WORLD wide interweb machine. The Vladdy lunch box is a thing of wonder, you wonder where its going to go next.

Podcast listener here. Can someone enlighten us podcast listeners as to what happened that everyone in stitches? I was laughing too, but no idea what I was laughing at.

Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,
Jaded in NYC

Casey by accident dropped a f-bomb, it had Siano and Schwartz in stiches. That was edited out of the podcast.

Jan in Glasgow.

Dan, a whole show wouldn’t be long enough for me to cover “top five things people do to annoy you.” I have a lenghty, lengthy list of pet peeves… more like an entire zoo than pets.

Anyway, re. the US-centric nature of the lunch box, that’s not to sleight anyone, and as mentioned on a previous thread, we are going to try to get back to topics that have a little more sports/baseball/fantasy baseball relevance. We can still have a lot of fun with this but hopefully not get too far off on the tangents. The upcoming “Fave Five Duos” has some great possibilities…


Cory, i wasn’t complaining about the US-centric side. I was just making a point that some sketch type shows aren’t broadcast outwith the US. We get alot of the US Crime Dramas and the big named US shows. Hope you didn’t think i was complaining about the 411, i really like the 411 and its great.

Jan in Glasgow.

Thanks Jan, I was curious what happened

Jan, no worries. Just please tell me you get The Shield there in Glasgow, best show on TV. Maybe ever.

Cory, yeah we get The Shield here and i really like it. You just don’t know what Vic is going to do.

Jan in Glasgow

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