Great Stuff!!!!!!!!

Click here for Cory’s article which was posted on the other day.


Also great news for you Baseball Prospectus readers and 411 fans. There will be a Pizza Feed at my haunt Foley’s on June 30th at 8pm. The 411 crew plus Will Carroll and Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus will be there as well as some special guests.



Darn it, i wish i lived in NY so i could go to the Pizza Feed.

Good article Cory on Tout. Your team will come good in the end.

Jan in Glasgow.

Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun! Hey Mike, any chance you can tap into some of your Yankee contacts and let me bum a ride with team on the way back to NY from their west coast trip?😛 Just have the plane swing by Austin, c’mon, I’ll pitch in for gas!

Seriously, though, I hope you all have a blast and please designate someone as official cameraperson so those of us who can’t make it can scope out some pics. –Johnny Archive

P.S. Happy Fathers Day Everyone! (a little early) Cory, since you’re the only host who is currently a Dad, I hope you and “juniorette Schwartz” have a special day Sunday. My 4 and 6 year old boys are taking me to a Round Rock Express game! We get to play catch on the field!

Bah – of course, I’m visiting NYC a month later… if I can leave pizza in my fridge for a month, then you can leave some for me when I get there!
– Adam in Stl

Cory, just a stat question that i would like answered if you can for me. During the game on, the As broadcasting team said that before the game that Mo and Andy were second in Most wins for a starter with 51 , a head of Mo and Moose but they were just behind Dennis Ekersley and Bob Welch with 57. I found that an impressive stat. Is this of all time? It’s not something i have heard and just was wondering. Thought you were the man to ask.

Jan in Glasgow.

Jan, I haven’t heard of that specifically but I would have to think Peavy/Hoffman is up there on the all-time list too. Remember that even some of the most prolific closers in history have bounced around a lot (Lee Smith, Jeff Reardon, Rich Gossage, etc.) and it’s a little unusual for one guy to stay with one team long enough to get that many saves for the same starter. Mariano and Hoffman are the exceptions, not the rule.

JA, thanks for the HFD wishes, same to you! We will celebrate with a nice t-ball game down at Lakeside School (which Pete in Jordan knows well I’m sure) and then hit the Big Apple Circus.

Have a great day everyone, I’ll see you all in two weeks at Foley’s!!


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