POD for Sunday-Monday



Pitch: Kershaw (Tigers are erratic), Sabathia, Lilly, Maine, Beckett, Cabrera (even though he’s slumping), Nolasco (yep), Jackson (yep), Cook (yep), Contreras, Baker, Wang, Oswalt, Eveland, Meche (yep), Owings (although he’s running out of chances).

Ditch: Robertson, Maddux, Litsch, Millwood, Bailey, Maholm, McClung, Myers (beyond DTM… it’s as if he never even existed), Boggs, Correia, Redding, Washburn, Campillo, Saunders (Braves are terrible on the road but Saunders is slumping and has a very bad reverse home/away split).

As you can see from the above list I really like the bump I expect some pitchers to get in their first time out vs. some unfamiliar interleague opponents.


Pitch: Colon, Hamels, Jurrjens, Pelfrey, Weaver, Miller, Verlander, Lincecum.
Ditch: Francis, Silva.



Pitch: Maine, Beckett, Maddux, CC, Lilly, Litsch, Wang, D-Cab, Oswalt, Eveland, Owings, Contreras, Cook, Saunders


Pitch: Pelfrey, Hamels, Weaver, Verlander, Lincecum, A. Miller

ALSO NOTE:  Just minutes after Friday’s show ended, J.J. Putz was placed on the 15 day DL, so the guys weren’t aware of this at the time!


Hi guys, I’m interested in what you guys think about Scherzer being sent down. I was banking on him quickly getting a spot in the D-Backs rotation, having used my No.1 waiver on him. Is he worth stashing on my bench in a 10-team mixed league?

Unless you’re in a keeper league, I don’t believe you even think about stashing him for later. You’ve got lots and lots of available players in a 10-team, mixed that can help you right now rather than waiting for Scherzer to reappear at an as yet unnamed date in the furture. I’ve got to believe there’s someone available who can help you right now.

Good luck!


I was very surprised they sent him down, since he’d been mostly effective out of the bullpen, but clearly they think it’s best for his long-term value to keep pitching regularly so it’s hard to debate from a player development standpoint. Besides, between Owings’ and Davis’ recent struggles, and the fact that Unit has been pitching since Scherzer’s parents were kids, it’s likely that Scherzer will get another chance this season.

That said, it’s very hard to not cut him in any non-keeper league of 12-13 teams or less, unless you have an extremely deep bench or a big enough lead to forfeit bench flexibility. I have him in two non-keeper 12-team leagues and cut him in both.


I know hindsight is 20-20. But going forward, does this change the opinion of using #1 waiver priority on future call-up pitchers in non-keeper leagues? Or is the talent level so great for these guys that’s it’s worth taking the risk on whether they stay all season?

This season Scherzer and Cueto haven’t lived up to the hype. Will Kershaw?

Last season Homer Bailey & Mike Pelfrey didn’t either. Gallardo started off hot, but then was dropped in a lot of leagues when he hit a tough stretch. Phil Hughes also hit a rough stretch in August, and was dropped in many leagues.

Are we over-hyping these guys in their first seasons? When we should be looking at the guys who have already gotten rocked in their first 2 seasons, but are 24 and have a ton of talent (like Edinson Volquez)?

I know it’s not exactly the same, but Johan’s first two seasons he had an ERA of 6.49 and 4.74…

Greg in Iowa

What do you think the impact will be for Chase Headley. Is he worth starting in week 1?

Greg, you use waiver claims on guys with upside. The issues with guys like Cueto and Scherzer don’t change that any more than the successes of guys like Lincecum or Gallardo.

That said, if I had a #1 waiver claim I’d take a shot on Chase Headley today, too. He’s a potential impact player and should be in the lineup every day — he’s a switch-hitter who hits righties very well and lefties well enough to be in there against them — and that’s what you’re after with the #1.


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