Fantasy Feud and Roundtable

Click on the link below to download the updated feud stats and standings through Week 11:


And here’s the latest roundtable discussing pitchers with losing records who are great buy-low candidates.



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I wrote my Verlander blurb on Sunday night, before he pitched last night, so here are a few more facts on the heels of that start:

* 6 QS in his last 7 starts
* A 2.63 ERA in those 7 starts, with a 32-to-15 K-BB ratio in 48 IP
* Only 2 HR allowed in that stretch
* Allowing a career-best HR rate (one per 10.2 IP)
* Allowing a career-low .356 SLG to opposing hitters
* GO/AO, WHIP, Opponent AVG and OBP, and hit rate are all very close to last year… the only big change is strikeout rate

Add it all up, and Verlander is essentially “back”, with a few strikeouts traded out in place of a few weak fly balls. That might reduce his fantasy value somewhat, but you’ll take 6.5 K/9 if it comes with a low walk rate and a great ERA. Now if he can only get some run support…


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