Fav 5 Dynamic Duos


#1 Ruth and Gehrig. Put the m+m boys and any other so called duos in a lineup to shame. The #3 and #4 hitters in greatest lineups ever. Murderers Row, nuff said.

#2 Montana to Rice. Pure chemistry. Made football look graceful and were money time and time again.

#3 Jordan and Pippen. Great example of a duo. Couldn’t be nearly as successful without each other. Leaned on each other and took every variable associated to a major team game and excelled at each.

#4 Tenacious D. KG and J-Bulls only form the greatest rock band on the entire planet!!!!!

#5 Blue cheese and hot sauce. Just put this dynamic duo on anything especially any form of chicken. 


1. Coffee and A Smoke

2. Greygoose and Tonic

3. Bacon and Eggs

4. Hans and Chewy

5. Ari and Lloyd


Simms and Bavaro


Meatballs and Spaghetti

Page and Plant

Jerry and George

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman

Bo and Luke Duke


5. Magic and Kareem

4. Absolut Citron and 7-up

3. M&M’s

2. KG and JB (Tenacious D)

1. Chocolate and peanut butter

Honorable mention to Mantle and Maris, and Whitaker and Trammell


Good choices for the fave five. i submitted mine but wasnt on show but i would change 3 of my 5 now:

1: Coffee/Tea and a smoke. I have to agree with sterno on that one. Bad habit but its good especially after eating.
2: Vodka and Pomegrante.
3: Laurel and Hardy.
4: Oreos and Milk.
5: Lennon and McCartney.

Keep the fave fives coming.

Jan in Glasgow.

1: B & B= Stank Bud & a Bowl (1/2 of you will know what this means, 1/2 of you won’t).

2: B & E= Bacon & Eggs as well; a classic (you could also go w/the equally exciting Breaking & Entering or the little **** puppets Bert & Ernie; all will work here)

3: B & S= Butch & Sundance; more than a classic

4: G & W= Gilmour & Waters

5: T & A= need I elaborate???

Shannon in KY

5. Dave Duncan and Tony LaRussa… a hometown pick, but how many other coaching duos have taken home a title in each league?
4. Peanut Butter and Bananas… it’s not just for Elvis.
3. The Inter-Web and Cell phones… I couldn’t imagine living half a century ago.
2. Fresh baked chocolate cookes and milk… I could commit suicide that way.
1. Moe and Larry… it didn’t matter if you threw in Joe, Shemp, or Curly – these guys were money.

Adam in Stl

1. Manny/ Papi
2. KG/JB
3. Tom Brady/ Randy Moss
4. Hamburger/Fries
5. Cookies/ Soda

Tucker from Maine

Great combos from everyone, but how can nobody have mentioned the original “Dynamic Duo”?

Batman and Robin!

HANS and Chewy? Was that from the unreleased version where the Millenium Falcon is piloted by a Swedish guy? I kid, I kid.

Top 5 Dynamic Duos
5. Pizza and Beer – God’s two perfect foods.
4. The Captain & Tennille – Muskrat Love? nuff said.
3. Smokey & The Bandit – “son, you’re a tick ****.”
2. Canseco & McGwire – the “Bash Brothers” poster was awesome, even if they were raging steroid freaks.
1. Chicken and Buffalo sauce – could it this every day until I die.

Casey’s such a big fan that he doesn’t know what one of the most important characters in the Star Wars universe is named? … Uh-huh. I’m not sure I can kid about this. Ugh. Anyhoo, since I feel obligated now….

5. Mulder & Scully
4. Woody & Buzz Lightyear
3. Scooby-Doo & Shaggy
2. John Flansburgh & John Linnell (They Might Be Giants)
1. Chicken fingers & fries

Honorable mentions:
Macaroni & cheese
Jay & Silent Bob
Pete & Pete (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)
Doctor Who & companion
Fish & chips
Chips & queso
Montana & Rice

There’s probably more I’m not thinking of, but oh well….

My fave 5 suggestion: Fave 5 Movie Heroes (not necessarily action heroes, but the hero of the film)

Scott in SJ

I can’t believe I jumped the shark! Ah well, thanks for reading them on air anyway guys. I guess I’ll just have to eat some spotted owl and cry in my beer.

-“Lunar Lover” Dan in Los Angeles

don’t know if you guys have seen this, but it’s pretty funny:


Bob in Oregon

Oh, man – the Onion is brilliant. Thanks for the link, Bob.

– Adam in Stl

Fine, fine call on Jay & Silent Bob.

even better call on Mulder and Scully!!

Shocked no one has mentioned: Jake and Elwood Blues

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