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Greetings from Sweden!

12 team 5×5 with one catcher spot…who do you use? Clement or Flores? Is either of them worthy of my only Util slot?

Bertil from Sweden

Hey Bertil,

First of all, neither player is worth a utility spot in a 12-team league. There should be much better options on your waiver wire.

As for your empty catcher spot, I would go with Clement while keeping an eye on Flores. Flores is batting .298, but he is just 7-for-32 (.219) since June 8. His batting average has dropped 40 points since June began, and his .370 BABIP suggests he may have been hitting a little bit over his head. He hit just .244 with four home runs in 180 at-bats with Washington last season, so there isn’t a reason to think he will continue to light up box scores.

You might as well take a chance on Clement, who hit .287 with nine home runs and 23 RBI in 24 games with Triple-A Tacoma in May and June. He also hit 20 home runs and drove in 80 runs for Triple-A last season, so there is reason to think that he can significantly improve the .160 batting average he posted with Seattle in 16 games earlier this season. He also will get the opportunity to play every day as Seattle is low enough in the standings that it wants to see what some of its younger players are capable of.

With that said, Flores and other catchers might seem appealing if Clement goes into another deep funk at the big league level. I would monitor this closely and look for any signs of power from Clement, including doubles. Depending on your place in the standings in your league, you might not be able to afford to be very patient with Clement. Just keep a close eye on Clement and Flores, and, remember, find a more productive first baseman or outfielder for your utility spot!

Kyle Stack

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I drafted Towles, am currently sitting with Flores, and have Clement awaiting Catcher-eligibility in a Yahoo! league… at least one of these guys is bound to pan out, right?

In the same league, 12-team H2H, we keep 4 players by round drafted the previous year, FA’s go to the last round, and there is an inflation system in place – I’ve been offered Braun in exchange for Headley and D-Lee. Both Headley (23rd round keep) and Braun (11th round) have immense keeper value next season, but I’m going for the win this year in any case – If I pull the trigger, my starting lineup looks like this:

C- Clement
1B – Fielder
2B – Cano
3B – Braun
SS – Rollins
OF – Crawford
OF – Ellsbury
OF – Bruce
Util – Milledge (Zimmerman if he ever returns)

Any thoughts as to whether Lee+Headley would be more valuable until October, or whether Braun would be a worthwhile pickup?

Thanks as always – this show has helped me underperform at work/in class for one hour each afternoon for the past 4 baseball seasons.

– Adam in Stl

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