POD for Sunday and Monday (6/22-6/23)



Pitch: Pettitte, Kazmir, Webb, Lincecum, Davies, Andrew Miller, Duchscherer, Vazquez, Dempster, Lester, Hudson, Hamels, Padilla, McGowan, Parra, Wolf, Billingsley


Pitch: Sheets, Haren, Beckett, Lackey, King Felix, Johan


Same as Cory except a little uneasy about pitching Padilla on Sunday.


Is passing over Verlander’s Sunday start @SD an oversight?

Also, tonight’s start from Big Erv was outstanding. You’ve got to be a pretty damned good pitcher to go into Philly and get a win, but he just shut them down over a very strong 7 innings.

– Adam in Stl

Yup, oversight…my bad!

Whew – I was worred that you guys knew something that I didn’t. Thanks!

can I start getting worried about Webb yet?

I’m not really worried about Webb, in fact, now might be a good time to try to buy low on him. Yeah, it’s discouraging he got beat by the Twins, but it was a good bounceback start after the one vs. the A’s in any case: he had decent velocity, threw a ton of strikes (66 of 99), got a ton of ground balls as usual, walked only one and didn’t give up any homers. Look at it another way, he threw six shutout innings but got burned in one bad inning, and keep in mind that the inning was fueled by a fly ball that Conor Jackson (out of position in LF) lost in the white background of the Metrodome roof; Webb also gave up three ground ball hits in that inning and that’s gonna happen sometimes to an extreme ground ball pitcher.

For all his recent struggles, Webb’s season numbers are still right in line with where he’s been in recent seasons, so he’s still on track to post another big season. It’s disappointing that he’s struggling, but it’s not like he was going to go undefeated all season, either…

My two cents.

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