Tout Wars and BP update

click here for Cushing’s article just posted on Notice how he stole my catchy title, but he’s young and hasn’t had the time for his brain to develop it’s own clever quips.


Also a reminder that we are just 10 days from the BP Pizza Feed at Foley’s so be there to buy me Guiness.




Nice job on the article Alex! Btw, I asked “fantasy expert” Alex Cushing to preview the J.A.I.L. before the season and he said this;
Best four teams:
4. Lollygaggers
3. PBR
2. Usual Suspects
1. Green Mountain

— Here are current top 5 teams in the J.A.I.L.: 1) Jersey Hitmen 2) Usual Suspects(Archive’s team) 3) Lollygaggers 4) Bombo Squad 5) Green Mountain Boys – So, great job of sizing up the teams, Alex.
Have a great weekend everyone! *Mike Siano will be on my podcast Sunday as my special guest* Check out the Johnny Archive Blog for more details –

Nice article Cushing. I like the by-line you can contact Mr Schwartz about this article. Nice work CBS Sportsline in not changing the by-line and not proof reading for mistakes.

Jan in Glasgow.

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