Fav 5 Chick Flicks

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#5 Legends of the Fall

#4 Beaches

#3 Pretty Woman

#2 Terms of Endearment

#1 Sex and the City movie



5. The American President

4. An Officer and a Gentleman

3. Jerry Maguire

2. Ghost

1. The Princess Bride



5. Ghost

4. Say Anything

3. The Princess Bride

2. Pretty Woman

1. As Good As it Gets





I am going to comment on each persons choice’s and ill start with Mike.

Mike, D’oh, how did you not understand the question. Legends is a bit of a chick flick for one reason Brad Pitt. Nuff said. The other choices are ok but I would have to say of all time chick flicks that you can watch Sex in the City will it stand the test of time compared to the flicks like Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman. Only time will tell.

Cory, I agree with you on 4 out of the 5 are chick flicks,but Jerry Maguire is not a chick flick. What ever website you looked at it is wrong. As a female i would say it was more of a romantic/sports comedy that is a unisex film. The men like it for the sports angle as well as Renee Zellwegger and the women like it for the “love” story angle and personally for me to see a buff Cuba Gooding Jr.

Casey, I would agree with you on 4 out of your 5 are chick flicks. The only one i have a bit of a problem with is your #1 As good as it gets. I would say its not a great film and my girlfriends dislike Jack Nicholson scares the bejesus out of us.

I would have to say that looking at chick flick websites saying the Bull Durham is a chick flick. They are wrong its a unisex film.

Jan in Glasgow.


The problem with this is that there’s no real bonafide “chick flick” genre, so there will be points of debate. I think everyone did an excellent job under the circumstances. And Princess Bride is a brilliant movie in that it has wide appeal to both men and women, which is part of why it has held up so well over the years.

I really hope one of my suggested Fave Fives gets picked sometime, I think they’d be a lot of fun. Particularly the Five Embarrassing Moments of Your Life.

And no, I haven’t jumped the shark. I’m just in a slump. Hitters hit, and so do I.

-Dan in Los Angeles

I can’t believe none of you mentioned Titanic.

Titanic has to be #1 but this is FAV FIVE…lol. I was laughing at Mike because he didn’t understand it but hasn’t this been favorites all season?

Mike, your favorite chick flick ever is Sex and the City, I am totally sending you the blu ray when it comes out so you can watch your favorite ladies in HD baby!

I’m surprised that you have all missed this one: High Fidelity.

It’s funny, has tons of music and music references, and Jack Black is hilarious in a supporting role. It’s a definite chick flick, but one that is easy for guys to watch.

Any of you guys ever read the Princess Bride. A way better book than movie, and an excellent, excellent film.

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