Fave Five Baseball Memories

Yep, that’s our topic for next week, thanks to you, our faithful 411 fans. Like movies and music, this one will be hard for me to cut down to five; I can think of 8 or 10 just sitting here without even trying. But #1 will be easy… without giving it away completely, the picture below should be a pretty strong clue…

Anyway, you are all also reminded to come to the Baseball Prospectus pizza feed next Monday, June 30, at Foley’s here in lovely NYC. Our good friend Will Carroll will be celebrating his birthday, Joe Sheehan will be there, Will Leitch (ex-Deadspin) will be there, Siano and I will be there, and the list goes on… it will truly be a star-studded collection of brilliant baseball minds. Plus we will eat some food and drink some beers and have a great ol’ time, so make sure to be there!

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Caption: “David Wells finds out the post-game party has free pizza and beer.”

5. My first home run… pretty memorable for a pitcher.
4. Joe Carter’s W.S. Home Run, even though I was only 11, it was sweet.
3. Bartman’s foul ball to ruin it for the Cubs. Although, I think Alou needed a step ladder to get to it.
2. Roy Hobbs knocks the cover off the ball in “The Natural”.
1. Cubs Win the World Series in 2008… (Pending)

Great work guys.
Ed in Chicago

5. Game #163 from the 2007 season. Start to finish this game had everything

4. Jon Lester’s no-hitter

3. Kirby Puckett’s walk-off in the World Series

2. Johnny Damon’s grand slam in game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, this was the start of the greatest 2 weeks of my life.

1. Kirk Gibson’s Homerun of Eck. I was only 6 at the time, but i remember pretending to go to sleep, and then turning the TV on once my mother was asleep and seeing this homerun made me a fan for life

honorable mention: The day Tim McCarver and/or Joe Buck no longer broadcast MLB games

Gotta love that picture….The fat toad, the Straw man, and is that LL Cool J helping to hoist up a smaller David Wells?

Gotta love that picture….The fat toad, the Straw man, and is that LL Cool J helping to hoist up a smaller David Wells?

5. 1986 NLCS Game 5 (October 15, 1986)-Met’s win 7-6 in a 5hr29m 16inning affair. I honestly can’t remember a more exciting overall postseason than 86. (Barring the Sox comback over the Yanks).
4. 1999 NLCS, game 5. Robin Ventura’s walk off grand slam single. (Mets 4, Braves 3)
3. October 05, 1999 Reds-Mets one game playoff (Mets 5, Reds 0) Living in KY, I was thrilled to be able to drive up & watch this game; albeit by myself. Only bad thing was I was in the can for both Fonzie & Henderson’s Hr.’s.
2. 1986 W.S. Game 7- “Met’s Win! Met’s Win! Met’s Win!” Man what a fun team.
1. 1986 W.S. Game 6 “The Buckner Ball”- Although I was only 13 at the time I will never forget anything about that moment. For me, the greatest sports moment ever, will never be beaten.

Shannon in KY

5: World series 05 game 3 White Sox and Astros. The 14 inning game that had me stay up here in the UK til 7.30am.
4: Dwight Gooden’s no-no against the Ms in 1996.
3: Aaron Boones 11th inning home run during Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS to keep the Boston curse going.
2: 2001 – the WS against the D’backs.
1: Mets and Braves game on Sept 21st first game back at Shea since the 9/11 attacks.

Jan in Glasgow.

forgot to add. Could have put more Yankees memories in but i went with baseball memories that just stick in my mind more.

Jan in Glasgow

5. 1988 NLCS: The images of Keith Hernandez flopping in the mud going to 3rd in Game 3 and Doc giving up the Scioscia HR to tie Game 4 were lasting memories of a dynasty that never materialized.

4. April 27, 2002: My 1st visit to Fenway and I am given the gift of a Derek Lowe no-hitter. It made those hard benches given to “Standing Room Only” ticket holders so comfy.

3. Game 7, 1991 World Series: Game 6 was definitely a classic but to me Game 7 set the stage for the greatest WS pitching performance in my lifetime. Morris was a beast!!

2. Game 6, 1986 World Series: “…little roller up along first… behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight, and the Mets win it!”

1. The 1994 Strike: No World Series, the demise of baseball in Montreal and the greedy tug-o-war between players and owners.

5. Kirby Puckett in game 6 of the 1991 WS
4. Jack Morris’s performance in game 7 of the 1991 WS (have you figured out I’m a Twins fan yet?)
3. Warren Morris’s homerun to win the college world series for LSU
2. The day it was announced the Twins wouldn’t be contracted
1. Being in the Metrodome when the Twins clinched the Central on the last day of the regular season in 2006.

5. My first major league baseball game
4. Sammy Sosa`s 600th homer
3. Carlos Beltrans walk-off homer on opening day in 2004
2. Watching “The Rocket”
1. Red Sox breaking the curse in 2004

5. The Tigers 35-5 start in 1984. I had been a life long resident of Michigan and had just joined the USAF when DET opened the season on a tear. Didn’t get a chance to see any of it.
4. Watching Roger Clemens pitch in HOU against PIT a few years ago. He was dominating in a no decision.
3. Watching Bucky Dent’s HR against BOS in 1978. Saw it on TV. I felt so sorry for the Red Sox.
2. The 1975 World Series. I was just 14 years old and listened to the series on a transistor radio hid under my pillow after I was supposed to have gone to sleep.
1. My first MLB game in 1970: BAL at DET. It was cool (weather), my dad and I sat in front of some guy who must have seen Ty Cobb play (and he talked to us the entire time), and I had never seen grass as green as it was inside of Tiger Stadium. DET won and Jim Northrup, my hero, hit a 3-run homer. What more could a 9-year old ask for?

This one is so freekin hard!

5. Gherig anounces his retirement from baseball. Like a million years before I was born and I still get emotional watching it.

4. Billy Buckner- Got to love it as a New Yorker, Mets fan, Yankee fan- doesn’t matter!

3. The November boys Derek Jeter and Tino Martiez game 4 of the 2001 world series. If this series had a happier ending it would be No’ 1

2. Don Larson, perfect game world series 1956. damn

1. Kirk Gibson 1988. No home-run will ever be so exciting. Period.

5. Kerry Wood strikes out 20 as a rookie and gives up 1 hit (probably should have been ruled an error) – it was against a loaded Astros lineup – probably most dominating game ever – Bugs Bunny cartoon breaking ball that day
4. Cubs 2003 NLCS collapse – it epitomized my entire existance as a Cubs fan
3. game 7 of 2001 World Series – the Yankees had seemed unstoppable until this moment when Rivera was suddenly human
2. damon grand slam game 7 2004 ALCS – capped off the greatest comeback ever in the best rivalry in baseball
1. Meeting Ryne Sandberg at Wrigley Field when I was 10 and getting his autograph – I can’t remember if it was the same day, but seeing career backup catcher Hector Villenueva hit a triple to drive in the winning runs (he was a big dude)

Don’t get to see as many games as you guys. Living in Australia I only get to see a few games. I got hooked on the game and in particular the Yankees in the 2001 playoffs and Jeters play at home plate to get Giambi out is probably the single most memorable moment I’ve had. I was watching the game live which made it even more important.

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