Midseason Roundtable

                                                                                                                                      Just a heads up that Monday’s 411 show (6/30) will be a roundtable featuring Mike, Cory, and the Baseball Prospectus tandem of Joe Sheehan and Will Carroll.  The guys will review the first half of the 2008 season and look ahead at what’s to come!



Is there going to be an All Star game show this year? Last year’s show was GREAT. One of the big highlights of the 2007.

Any All Star game show this year?
In the spirit of top 5 lists, last year’s all star game show was a top 5 show. It was a really fun listen.
Bob in Oregon

Nothing 100% certain yet but we hope and expect there will be Very Special All-Star 411 again this year with the usual assortment of special guests. Stay tuned!


To prepare for the roundtable show, here’s a review of Mike’s and my preseason picks for overrated and underrated:


Some in there we can be proud of, but some for which we’ll have a little explaining to do, too.🙂


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