Fav 5 Baseball Memories

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Cory’s Picks

5. 2/28/2000 – MIN @ BAL – Grandfather’s last baseball game
4. 6/22/86 – CHC @ NYM – Favorite player Ron Cey homered

3. 9/04/93 – CLE @ NYY – Jim Abbott’s no-hitter

2. 5/17/98 – MIN @ NYY – David Wells’ perfect game

1. 10/31/01 & 11/1/01 – Gm. 4 & 5 of 2001 W.S.


Stern’s Picks

5. 2004 Postseason – Red Sox run to World Series win

4. 10/19/1999 – ATL @ NYM – Ventura’s Grand Slam Single on b-day

3. 09/18/2006 – Covering the Mets division title on field

2. 9/04/93 – Indians at Yankees – Jim Abbott’s no-hitter

1. 9/21/01 – ATL @ NYM – Mike Piazza’s HR


Siano’s Picks

#5 Mattingly final regular season home at bat 9/24/95 *doubles

#4 Gooden no-no on May 14, 1996

#3 Boone homer Gm 7 of ’03 ALCS

#2 Piazza homer after 9/11

#1 Leyritz Gm 2 of ’95 ALDS walkoff


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Great list…I feel awkward because the games you have are so solid and a lot of them I’ve seen on TV but not experienced….

5. August 25th, 2002 D-Backs vs Cubs
We went to Phoenix with my dad for his business trip. Cubs were in town. We saw Randy Johnson pitch.

His line: 9.0 IP, 6 Hits, 0 ER, 16 K’s; Never seen something so dominate.

4. August 5th, 2007 Mets vs Cubs – Glavine 300th win
Really bad seats, scalped of course, but I was making money and I wanted to attempt to see history….I always liked Tom Glavine…He was never the nastiest pitcher, but he got things done, he out-smarted the hitters…I swear Jason Marquis looked at me while he was leaving the mound.

3. The Chicago Cubs – New York Yankees Series At Wrigley Field June 6th – June 8th

Family is part Cubs fans, family is part Yankees fans. Probably the best seats I’ve had at Wrigley. Wood vs Clemens; a young Mark Prior against Andy Pettite; Great third game, extremely exciting to the end (Gipson gets picked off by Joe Borowski to end the game). Boo Cubs.

2. September 30th, Cubs vs Reds

Bittersweet memory…It was Mark Priors last great moment…Cubs at the time were battling for a playoff spot with Houston and St Louis, and the Cubs went on this horrible losing streak…Out comes Mark Prior to stop it…

Mark gives up a homer to Adam Dunn (a monster shot; we were in the bleachers) but ends up striking out 16 in 9 innings; Cubs lose in X-tra innings….Bitter-sweet because I was a big Mark Prior fan, I thought he was going to be the Pedro Martinez of the next years to come…

1. November 1st, 2001 – Game 5 of the 2001 World Series
I am quite jealous of you Cory for being in attendance to the 3 games. My dad (who is New York born and raised) went with myself and my mom to help out the volunteers…During that time, the only thing keeping me from being extremely scared was the MLB playoffs and the Yankees. We as baseball fans and Americans could describe how amazing the World Series was…My Uncle who lives in Wayne scrapped up some tickets for this game….I can remember everything, whether it be the security guards and the dogs to Miguel Batista and Mike Mussina…Deja Vu happens….I did not cry because I wasn’t old enough to comprehend the sheer emotion, but I remember going so nuts…and hugging and high fiving everybody….The upper-deck was like an accordian, it was up and down….THANK YOU SCOTT BROSIUS….

Too bad 4 days later, I cried my eyes out because of that evil Luis Gonzalez…Good lists everybody!

Todd- Sheboygan, WI –

Games in attendance/watching

5. 1987 – Ric Manning getting booed while driving in the winning run and stopping Paul Molitor’s 39 game hitting streak who was on deck
4. 1987 – Easter Sunday- Won 13th game to start the season with Rob Deer hitting HR to tie and Dale Sveum’s walk off to win
3.. 1987- In the midst of the start of season winning streak, Juan Nieves no hitter. Robin Yount diving catch to end was awesome and probably the best play to end a no hitter.
2. County Stadium- standing room only watching Nolan Ryan get his 300 win
1. County Stadium- Sitting behind home plate for Robin Yount’s 3,000 hit.

Mark in Corpus Christ, Texas

5. Watching Albert Pujols ruin Brad LIdge’s days in Houston. (I am not a Lidge fan)

4. Watching-in person-Ryan Howard hit balls into the Allegheny at the Home Run Derby in Pittsburgh.

3. Getting my first major league foul ball, in Houston of the bat of Luis Vizcaino.

2. Going to 3 straight Oakland Athletic games, instead of going ot any other beautiful stadium in California to get Huston Street’s autograph, and then get denied every night. (I was trying to get his autograph for my cousin as Street is his favorite player.) But, after a game I went down to the bullpen and asked a security guard to hand be something. This something is worth a lot more than an autograph, yes…it was Huston Street’s open and used bag of Ranch David’s Sunflower Seeds. They are now in a ziploc bag hanging on his wall.

1. Being involved in a fielding and hitting clinic with A-Rod and Cal Ripken Jr., and then getting to talk baseball with them at the All-Star Game Fan Fest in Pittsburgh.

Honorable Mentions:
*Meeting Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano at Fan Fest in Pittsburgh.
*Having my mom stump Cory, when she asked him where Nolan Ryan was born. It is Refugio!!!
*Having 2 home runs land two rows in front of me at Dodgers Stadium
*Watching Randy Johnson warm up in the bullpen.
*Going to a Las Vegas 51’s game(There were 5 otHer people there!!!), and talking to all of the prospects on both teams before, during, and after the game.
*Getting to talk to Chris Davis every time he came to Corpus Christi with Frisco, and now watching him mash the Yankees!!


As a Diamondback fan, I have to say that game seven was better than four or five. Rivera collapsing in the ninth? Perfect.

6/23/84 – The Sandberg Game. That’s it, that’s the list!

From Craig in Riverside, RI (via Boston)

Fave 5 Baseball Memories (* I was in attendance)

* #5 – July 15, 2003 – Comiskey Park – 2003 All-Star Game; To see so many of the games brightest stars in one place at one time was quite memorable. The “wow” factor on this day was truly indescribable. It was fitting that Eric Gagne’s only blown save of 2003 came in this game (although it doesn’t count against his record-setting streak.

#4 – October 14, 1992 – Atlanta Fulton County Stadium – NLCS Game 7; Growing up a Braves fan because my family did not get NESN on TV to watch the Red Sox, I had gone to bed in the 7th inning (I was only 12 and it was a school night) with the Braves down 2-0 and showing no life. When the Braves loaded the bases with none-out in the bottom of the ninth, my brother came racing into my room to wake me up. What happened next, I will never forget. With two outs and the bases loaded, little-known, never to be forgotten, Francisco Cabrera delivered one of the more memorable singles that scored the speedy Sid Bream from second to win the game. This moment truly turned me on to baseball at such a young age and since then, I have never looked back.

* #3 – September 1, 2007 – Fenway Park – Clay Buchholz’s No-Hitter; To date, no game I have ever attended has had the emotion and drama of this one. Despite the game being a blowout (10-0), I have never attended a game where my body was physically shaking in the final two innings. I have seen two one-hitters before (both against the Sox – J. Schmidt and King Felix), but to have experienced something like this is truly a remarkable event that the vast majority of baseball fans will never get to experience in person. After the final out was recorded, everything just seemed so surreal. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget!

* #2 – Summers of ’02, ’03, ’04 and ’05 – MLB Ballparks – Roadtrip; Over the course of four weeks (once each summer), some college friends and I visited 24 ballparks while driving across the country and were able to see some of the best parks in MLB. Our combined top 5 are (in no particular order): Baltimore, Atlanta, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Wrigley (Fenway was excluded due to bias). Looking back on my entire life, I am so glad to have gone on these trips because it provides many lasting memories and allowed me to see many different parts of the country that I would never have seen were it not for these trips. One of the many highlights includes being interviewed on NESN during a Sox/Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre in 2003. Tom Caron interviewed us in our first row seats and we told him and the viewers about our trip that summer. Pretty cool stuff.

* #1 – October of 2004 – Fenway Park & Yankee Stadium – Red Sox 2004 World Series run; This was a fun list for me to put together and I had a tough time putting them in order, but this has to be #1 due to the emotional impact of the ALCS alone. Believe it or not, I actually turned down a ticket to Game 4 of the ALCS (Dave Roberts’ steal) because I considered it the “Funeral Game” for the Sox. I was just too devastated from games 1, 2 and 3 to see another loss. But staying up for 5+ hours to see come from behind wins in games 4 and 5 were very special. One of the more special baseball moments for me in my lifetime was being at Yankee Stadium for Game 7 and being able to witness first-hand the Sox winning the pennant. It was the best $200 I have ever spent on a ticket and the memory of Alan Embree recording that final out, along with the on-field celebration afterwards, not to mention being in the Red Sox World Series DVD will stay with me forever. The Red Sox winning the World Series was a bit anti-climatic after what occurred in the ALCS, but nonetheless something I will never, ever forget given how many Red Sox fans before me have suffered.

Years ago a 12 year old kid went to see his very first Yankee game. Little did he know he would be introduced to magic of Yankee Stadium as he witnessed Jim Abbot pitch a historic no-hitter. 15 years later, he could never forget that great day.
That is my fondest memory, all else will pale in comparison.

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