Fav 5 Quotes


#1 “A wise man once said, Wherever you go, There you are” (Mike Brady)

#2 “The two of them deserve each other. One’s a born liar; the other’s convicted.” (Billy Martin, on Reggie Jackson and George Steinbrenner)

#3 “We couldn’t do diddly-pooh offensively. We couldn’t make a first down. We didn’t run the ball. We didn’t try to run the ball. We couldn’t complete a pass. We sucked. We sucked. It was a horseass performance in the second half. Horseass!” (Football Coach Jim Mora)

#4 What’s my opinion of Kingman’s performance!? What the BLEEP do you think is my opinion of it? I think it was BLEEPING BLEEP. Put that in, I don’t give a BLEEP. Opinion of his performance!!? BLEEP, he beat us with three BLEEPING home runs! What the BLEEP do you mean, “What is my opinion of his performance?” How could you ask me a question like that?” (Tommy Lasorda- 1976 at Shea Stadium)

#5 “We can’t have beer, and they’re poisoning the world with their cheeseburgers.” (Goose Gossage)


1. “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” (Oscar Wilde)

2. “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” (Rogers Hornsby)

3. “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” (Prussian Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke)

4. “You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” (Jim Bouton)

5. “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” (Emiliano Zapata)


#1. “Serenity Now” (Kramer- Seinfeld)

#2. “Nothing Left To Do But Smile Smile Smile” (Jerry Garcia)

#3. “Always make sure the juice is worth the squeeze” (Girl Next Door)

#4. “Lets hug it out _____” (Ari Gold- Entourage)

#5. “All I know is I got a lot of balls” (Rodney Dangerfield- Ladybugs)




Hey Siano – I think the “where ever you go” quote was Buckaroo Bonzai and the Bradys stole it. Don’t know where Banzai stole it from.
Cheers, Mike at the beach

Oscar Wilde is a great source for meaningful quotes, though like Cory said, you have to take the general meaning and apply it to your own life and not dwell on the specific actions Wilde was probably referring to.

I listed my 5 in a previous blog post, but another great one that the guys mentioned on the show was “I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy.” It’s from Tom Waits, but I’ve also seen it attributed to Dorothy Parker.

-Dan in LA

This is easy.

#5. “Strength loves certainly. Weakness loves risk.” – Cory

#4. “Chasing saves can be kinda fun.” – Mike

#3. “Do you like peanut butter with your chocolate or chocolate with your peanut butter.” – Cory

#2. “Mark Prior needs to grow a pair.” – Will Carroll almost exactly two years ago on the show

#1. ” . . . #$%& . . . ” – Casey a couple of weeks ago

PS on an earlier thread (musical groups): How could children of the ’80s who work in baseball not put The Outfield among their Honorable Mentions at least on principle, if not for musicality?

Me tonight: “aaron harang *&^$#!*&!!!!!”

Harang is officially in line at club DTM

Not to get too deep on you guys, but while the line “no matter where you go, there you are.” was used in Buckaroo Bonzai (1984), there are several recorded instinced of its use long before that including: it was the opening quote of People’s Guide to Mexico 1972 by Carl Franz, there have been several other pop references to this phrase which I personally believe sprang from this phrase which outdates them all, but you can decide.

“So, the cross is always ready and waits for you everywhere. You cannot escape it no matter where you run, for wherever you go you are burdened with yourself. Wherever you go, there you are.” —Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ, ca. A.D. 1440

& no, I’m not really that big a nerd, just became intrigued when you credited it to Mike Brady, lol. (sorry mike, you’re still the shizzle)

shannon in ky

Shannon – 1440 – Nice job! Figured it was probably a bit b4 Bonzai…
Mike at the Beach

Great job by Shannon, as well as the top five 411 quotes! To that post, my college roommate Matt Roy — great guy, hardcore White Sox fan, worked in minor league baseball for a while — was a big Outfield fan so I’m familiar with a few of their. I probably couldn’t name any, but there are a handful I hear on the radio from time to time and I can sing along thanks to my boy Matt.🙂


That’s me, heavy on the whim. Back flappin’, side trackin’, finger poppin’, reelin’ rockin’, with the tips on the picks. All tricks, no sale, no avail. It’s in the can and I’m on the lam. Grease it, daddio!

– Galactic Jim (The Tooth of Crime by Sam Shepard)

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