Unread for 7/11

Hi guys,

Based on your advice I have tried to sell high on Duchscherer to get a 2nd half bat and get rid of some low average risky hitters, but do you think I got enough? (12 team mixed)

I gave up:
Duchscherer, Giambi, Willingham, C.Davis

I got:
Parra, Granderson, Huff, Helton
(Helton will go on DL and I also picked up Pelfrey.)                                                       

Kevin in England

Hey Kevin,

To tell you the truth, I prefer the group of players you gave up to the players you received. For some background, Duchscherer has a paltry 1.78 ERA and a 0.86 WHIP with a 63/21 K/BB ratio in 101 innings. Now, The Duke’s ERA and WHIP isn’t completely uncharacteristic, considering his career ERA (3.01) and WHIP (1.10) are pretty low in the first place. However, his previous high for innings since 2004 is just 96.3 – in 2004. He did throw 155 innings for Triple-A Sacramento in 2003, posting a 3.25 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP, but it’s unpredictable what a full-scale season in the bigs will do to his harm. I can understand trying to turn him into a productive hitter or two, but you gave away a trio of productive power hitters.

Giambi already has 18 home runs with a .925 OPS and 54 RBIs. His on-base percentage (.393) is extremely high considering his .256 batting average, which means he’s still displaying an exceptional amount of plate patience by drawing walks. I think the Yankee offense heats up even more in the second half, and Giambi plays a big part in that. Willingham is an injury risk, but he’s a .281 hitter with a .906 OPS. He might not match the 30 doubles and 24 home runs he’s averaged the past two seasons, but that’s more due to the number of games he’s missed than with any concerns about his hitting ability. I also think Chris Davis, despite his high strikeout rate (13 Ks in 47 at-bats), is an outstanding power hitter in that great slugger’s park known as Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He already has three doubles and five home runs, so he could get on some real tears later in the summer considering he doesn’t have much competition at first base.
I think Parra should be a fine return for Duchscherer, but the hitters you receive make me nervous. Helton is dealing with a lingering pain in his back and leg and he doesn’t have a solid timetable for a return. Granderson is hitting .299, but he doesn’t offer you a whole bunch of power (nine home runs) and really not much speed (six steals in 10 attempts). Aubrey Huff has seen a nice resuscitation in his production with 18 home runs, 57 RBIs and a .888 OPS, but those are the same numbers as Giambi. I’d rather have the mustachioed Yankee. Pelfrey is a promising addition to your pitching staff, along with Parra, but I think you gave up too much offense. What can make this deal more appealing is if Granderson rips off about 15 steals in the second half and Helton solves his back and leg issues with a doubles- and OPS-happy August and September.

Kyle Stack


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