PoD for 7/17 and FanFest recap

(I meant to publish this last night but forgot to, so sorry to those PoD’ers who are getting this too late to help for today… CS)

Thanks to everyone who came down to visit us at FanFest! Neighbor Steve, Jason from Bowling Green and Pete from Jordan — the World’s Greatest Dad! — were just a few of the 411 luminaries who visited, so thanks for everyone for checking out the show. Also in case you missed it, we had a very special guest during the show on Saturday, my daughter Haylee, aka Stats Junior…


Anyway, games start up again tomorrow with an abbreviated schedule, so let’s get right back into the swing of things with some Pitch or Ditch:

Pitch: J.Santana, Cueto, Peavy and Lohse (have to!).

Ditch: The rest.

Think the NL would’ve liked to have Santana in the game last night instead of Marmol? Uh, yeah…

The 411 returns on Friday for our final one-our show at 3:00, be there or be square! If you’re not in it, you’re out of it!🙂




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