Chasing saves is fun!

Every year around the trading deadline there is one deal that comes out of the blue and shocks everyone, and while this may not be a blockbuster, today’s trade of Jon Rauch from the Nationals to the Diamondbacks has to be viewed as a surprise. With so many other contenders apparently needing bullpen help, the Snakes more or less snaked Rauch right out from underneath them in exchange for a so-so (in my opinion) prospect.

340x.jpgRegardless of what you think of Emilio Bonifacio though, the real question is, who closes now for the Nationals? My immediate guess would be Joel Hanrahan (right), thanks to his superior strikeout numbers and reasonable home run rate so far this season. I picked up Hanrahan already in the 411 listener league and will bid on him in NFBC.

However, there are plenty of other candidates — Luis Ayala, Saul Rivera, Jesus Colome, even Steve Shell — and none have pitched so well that you’re going to want to pick the wrong guy… even worse, this could even end up as the dreaded Committee. Anyway, here’s a comparison of how Nationals relievers have done so far this year.

Good luck picking the right guy, if there even is one!




Thanks for the heads-up Cory! Randy Wolf was just traded to the Astros too, though that doesn’t affect fantasy as much.
-Dan in LA

Wolf’s value just went in the toilet, check his home/away splits. This is as bad a pickup for the Astros as Woody Williams was, or Eric Milton was for the Reds.

Yikes, yeah. Wolf has a 6.63 ERA away from Petco this year. That’s disgusting.

Here’s to hoping Rauch takes over as the closer in ‘Zona to make rushing down to the PC on Opening Night to snag him as a FA when I saw him closing instead of Cordero worth risking waking up our baby.

What are the other closer odds of trade? Marte, Street, Sherrill, & Gregg? and who’s the replacement. Also, does C.J. Wilson loose it? (odds).

Marte and Sherrill in particular are said to be in demand on the trade market; Yates would probably get the first shot in Pittsburgh but I have no idea in Baltimore, although Jim Johnson seems a reasonable guess based strictly on what he’s done so far this year. Street is probably on the trade market as well, with Casilla, Foulke and Embree all likely to get some save chances if he goes.

As far as Wilson, he’s been pretty bad this year but keeps cashing in the saves, he’s only blown two all season. On performance Guardado has been the better pitcher but this looks like a Borowski type situation where Ron Washington is willing to live with a poor ERA as long as he keeps closing out the wins. I’m holding onto Guardado in NFBC just in case, though…


All hail the mighty 411! Manny Acta confirmed in today’s Washington Post that Hanrahan will get the first chance at the closer job following the Rauch deal:

“He’s been our most dominant guy out of our bullpen and has the best numbers, so he’ll get the crack at it,” Acta said.

We rule!


In a 12 tm 5×5 mixed, Ian Stewart or Jeff Baker? Stewart seems to be the one getting more playing time from here on in.

Neighbor Steve

NS, I’d go with Stewart. He has the everyday job with Helton out and Atkins moving to 3rd; Baker is probably a comparable hitter but simply doesn’t get to play as much.


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