Fave Five Childhood Heroes


5. Captain James T. Kirk

4. My grandfather Milt Cohen

3. Ron Cey

2. Ace Frehley

1. Bill James


#5 Batman
#4 Vin Scully
#3 Brett Favre
#2 Don Mattingly
#1 My dad


5. Lenny Dykstra

4. Pat LaFontaine

3. Dave Meggett

2. My Mother (bring on the criticism)

1. Casey Stengel







Good job by the 411 representing Moms, Dads and grandparents, plus all major sports and even some media figures. A very well-rounded group of selections by us, good job boys!🙂


I have to say putting family in is a really nice touch as this list would show you. Plus my list is going to have a very British flavor to it.

1: My Mom – She puts up with my dad and I fighting like cat and dog.
2: Ally McCoist – Glasgow Rangers soccer star, now assist manager.
3: Duncan Goodhew.
4: The Late Princess Diana.
5: Seb Coe.

I know its very British.

Jan in Glasgow.

Okay, here goes…
5. MC Hammer

4. Bespectled 3-time MLB All-Star Chris “Spuds” Sabo

3. Santa Claus (think about it: he is overweight, works one day a year, has unlimited toys)

2. Phil Collins

1. Jack Tripper (John Ritter’s character on Three’s Company. He got to live with 2 hot chicks and have wacky adventures. I’m only 26, so I mostly watched this show in syndication).

-Dan in Los Angeles

Dan, ponder this… does the name “Jack Tripper” just sound a little too much like “Jack T’ripper” to you? What do you think he was doing with those two girls??

Just wonderin’…



My mind. Blown.

-Dan in LA

Fave Five songs about Jack the Ripper, I think there is only one?

5. Spiderman
4. Rickey Henderson
3. Joe Montana
2. Darth Vader
1. Wayne Gretzky (According to my parents, the first sentence I strung together was ‘He shoots. He scores!’)

Ryan in CA

I was thinking Morrissey (later covered by My Chemical Romance):

-Dan in LA

Fav 5 Heroes
5. Batman
4. My Grandfather
3. Han Solo
2. David Gimour
1. Keith Hernandez
(Hon.mention: Mike Piazza, Larry Bird, Thom Yorke, & finally Ernie; for coming out & Bert; for accepting)

Shannon in KY

I’d rather listen to fantasy advice on an hour long show, but hey it is ok.

another fav 5 suggestion:

fav 5 people that you’d like to meet (dead, alive, real, fictional) in whatever context you’d like. IE, miniature golf w/Dracula or romantic dinner w/Cheetara (you know, the thundercats ho) you get the picture. Lots of room for creativity on this one.

shannon in ky

Please STOP doing the fav 5 segments. Its killing the new format. It was ok when the show was an hour long, but now that is only 30min the fav 5 is a waste of time. Just do straight fantasy baseball talk PLZ!!! No disrespect but I don’t care and my friends that have listened to show don’t care what Casey Stern’s favorite snacks are? Im pleading with you guys I like your advice on fantasy baseball so lets just leave it at that.

I disagree.. I love the fav 5.. it makes the show more interesting.

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