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Hey all, post your questions and comments and thoughts and ideas here and I’ll drop by to post some replies after today’s show. Random thought for the day: what would James Loney‘s career look like if he had come up with the Rockies instead of the Dodgers? Forget for a moment playing time issues, just keep in mind what he’s done in Coors in his career:

Loney.jpg.308 (16-for-52) with 4 HR and 24 RBI. That’s right, 24 RBI in 52 at-bats! That’s enough production to actually justify inclusion on Siano’s preseason all-underrated team!🙂

The Dodgers have two more games in Coors tonight and tomorrow, then one more three-game set from September 12-14. Now’s probably a good time to start planning a trade for James Loney some time around the first week of September…




Cory, i have got Posada on a 12 team 8×8 league Mixed Non Keeper. OBP, SLG, H,holds, Innings pitched and your least fave stat QS. On the FA list is Inge, Barajas, Shoppach, Pits and Ross. Who is do you think that is going to be a better pick up to replace Jorge?

Jan in Glasgow.

Show is rockin’ Cory. I started Guthrie against Burnett this week instead of Bucholz against F. Hernandez. I figure I can get more K’s this way, but I may have left a Win behind with Boston vs. Seattle. What do you think?
I’m not too worried about it this week, my staff includes Big Erv, Saunders, Kazmir, Hudson, J. Shields, and K-rod.

Ed in Chicago

Hey Cory,

I’m looking to tighten up my squad in the 14 tm league.
Would you pickup Josh Johnson and drop 1 of the following:


Also, would you pickup S. Hairston over 1 of these guys or over 1 of the above SP’s?

B. Francisco
C. Ross
J. Baker
F. Lewis

Thanks. NS

Jan, I would look at Shoppach or Barajas first, since both are playing essentially every day now and have good power numbers. The AVG might not be too good but none of those other guys are going to hit for AVG either, and they have playing time issues. I said this a few weeks ago, but I think Shoppach might get to catch every day even after V-Mart returns from the DL.

Good luck!

Ed, Buchholz is probably the better bet for K’s, although Guthrie is pretty clearly the better pitcher right now and has a good matchup too. I just traded for Buchholz in a Scoresheet keeper league so I need him to get going but you can’t argue against Guthrie the way he’s been throwing lately.

Neighbor Steve,
I’m still a little leery of Josh Johnson; I’d rather have Kershaw for his incredible upside, or even the high K rate and handful of saves that Balfour might provide. Hard to go against Kershaw as the right choice in a 14-team league… don’t forget, he’s holding his own in the Majors and is only 20 years old, which shows his amazing talent.

You have to pick up Scott Hairston too, he’s swinging a big bat for the Padres and not killing the AVG. Francisco, Ross and Lewis (when healthy) are all playing fairly regularly, but I’m not sure John Baker is helping you much, so I’d take Hairston over him.


OK folks that’s all for today… remember, Sterno, Siano and/or I will spend a half-hour each day after the show posting comments and remarks and feedback here on the blog, so if you don’t hear what you want on the show, find a place to post it here and we will reply. The 30-minute show is definitely a sprint so we’ll find a way to cover whatever your wanna hear, however we can. Thanks!


Cory & Co. —

I’ve been offered a blockbuster trade and I want to get your thoughts.

14 team 5×5 mixed keeper. I’m in third place right now with a decent shot to win the league — it’s a tight race at the top.

I’m currently 6th or worse in all the hitting categories except steals, where I’m 2nd. Pitching-wise, I’m currently in the top 3 in everything except saves (8th), which this trade doesn’t affect anyway.

Here’s the trade:

I get: Big Papi, Dunn, Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Zambrano
I give up: Josh Hamilton and Quentin

I’m obviously giving up some OF production, but the upgrades are at Utility (I’m currently starting Reed Johnson) and Corner Infield, where Cabrera would replace Mark Reynolds.

Keeper-wise, I hate to give up both Hamilton and Quentin. But I’m willing to do it if this trade can help me win now.

Your thoughts? — Mike

Hey Cory,

Any buy-low closers this point? It seems like all the quality guys are overperforming or performing at expectation. I really need a closer, but I feel like I’m going to be priced out of all the good options.

Charles in DC

just gotta say:

Richard Harden was born to be the Viagra Performer of the night. ohhhhh yeah….


Mike, re. your blockbuster trade, you shouldn’t be wasting time asking about it… you should have that done right now. I have some injury concerns over Big Z, and Dunn might drag down your AVG just a big, but otherwise this is a huge boost to your offense and you even get a nice keeper in Cabrera out of it. Pull the trigger!


I picked up Posada as my backup catcher after someone dropped him because he was on the DL. Now that he’s probably done for the year, who should I pick up from the free agent pool? It’s the MLB.com 2008 Open, and McCann is my starter. Rank these catchers in terms of estimated second-half production:
Navarro, Iannetta, Buck, Schneider, Barajas.

These are the top five catchers available in the pool in terms of points thus far. Any other backups I should take a look at? There are quite a few middle-tier catchers available.
Thanks — Phil

Charles, closers I would target outside of the obvious (K-Rod, Nathan, Rivera, Papelbon, etc.) are:

* Kobayashi – very good peripherals, only has two saves since Borowski got let go so he might still come cheap;
* Lyon – his recent blowup might create a buying opportunity but remember that most of his bad stats have come in a handful of games… most of the time he’s put up clean innings;
* F.Cordero – another one who might be cheap due to recent blowups, but I can’t imagine the Reds yanking him out of the spot for Dave Weathers when they signed Cordero to replace Weathers in the first place!;
* Gregg – not very good, but no threats to his job and having a decent season overall.

Those are just a few that come to mind.


Would you pull the trigger on Kershaw tonight @ Coors?

The 411 only takes up half my commute now (which sucks BTW). What album do I listen to for the other half? Nirvana – In Utero or “The Great Rock n Roll Swindle” by the Sex Pistols?

Fitz — not in Coors.

Briteuf — fill up your iPod with 8400 songs, put it on shuffle, and take a nap, that’s what I do.🙂


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