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Hey guys,

Quick question – in a mixed 5×5 league I’ve been offered Percival, Crawford and Aramis Ramirez for Longoria and Peavy. I’m currently struggling on steals and saves, so superficially this would help me, but the guy offering the deal is currently leading the league and in need of an ace. In addition, this leaves me with only unproven starters (such as Lee, Ervin Santana, Scott Baker) in my rotation. I’m wondering if I should be able to sell higher on Longoria while fully expecting Peavy to have a dominant second half. What do you think?


Hey Tomas,

I know it’s hard to unload Peavy, but if you think you can gain a good amount of points by adding Crawford’s steals, I say do the deal.  Think of the trade as two separate exchanges.  At third base, the swap of Longoria for Ramirez has to be considered at least a small upgrade, as Longoria, despite a prolonged tear (.302 AVG  12 HR  32 RBI  .616 SLG since June 1st), just doesn’t have A-Ram’s track record.  That’s not to say the Rays’ third baseman has no chance of outproducing Aramis from here on out, but it’s pretty safe to view this as at worst a lateral move and a great opportunity to sell high on the likely AL Rookie of the Year.  The Peavy for Crawford trade would have been considered a completely balanced one back in April.  But Crawford’s 2008 campaign is easily the worst of his career.  Crawford’s .269 batting average is more than 20 points below his career mark of .293, and he’s on pace to end a five year streak of at least 45 stolen bases.  But the fact is Crawford will still help you a great deal in speed, and is someone who can easily catch fire in the second half.  Percival’s injury history is a bit concerning, but any saves you can get from him down the stretch should be seen as an added bonus.  Considering the needs, this trade is definitely worthwhile.

Zach Steinhorn  

Have a pretty big trade question…
I’m in a 12 team mixed, H2H points (no categories), keeper league (keep 4).

Russell Martin is currently the number 1 Catcher in the game, and the gap between him and the number 5 Catcher is nearly 100 points.  With that said, I could really use some pitching help.  I’ve been offered Webb for Martin…I think it’s a fair deal, but in a points league it’s so hard to give up Martin.  Thoughts? 
Thanks for the help!
Jack Burton – Chicago

Hey Jack,

As I stated in a response yesterday to a reader contemplating a Vladimir Guerrero-for-Tim Lincecum deal, I have a difficult time rationalizing trading a good hitter for a good pitcher. As you imply, Martin is the premier fantasy catcher in the big leagues. He has a realistic shot at obtaining 20/20 status as he has 10 homers and 10 steals. Understand that the everyday physicality of the catcher position could cause him to go through some slumps, but how many other catchers are dual power and stolen base threats?

Webb is fantastic, but you should ask yourself how badly you need a starter. He gave up four or more earned runs in three of four starts from June 17-July 3, although he has stemmed that cold stretch by allowing just two earned runs, along with a 12/2 K/BB ratio, in his last two outings. Webb is brilliant, obviously a pitcher whom just about any fantasy owner would love to have on his or her roster. But his effect on your pitching staff might not be as instrumental to your success as having the best fantasy catcher.

Kyle Stack


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