First Day Back Always You Know What

Hey everyone,


We just had a show meeting to work on making sure your calls, IM’s and e-mails remain a vital element. Please keep e-mailing (all day and night), calling and pinging us (during the show) and we’ll get to as many as possible.


I wanted to see what everyone wants to discuss today so the Blog thread is open and we will get back to you during the day so keep checking. One interesting thing that came up via e-mail on today’s show was Liriano. I really think he is going to be a difference maker the final two months so pick him up and stash him. If you are near the top then this is good ammo, if you are middle of the pack his wins and K’s will help you climb.


Thoughts on this or anything just fire away and I’ll be back after a few getting my stuff back in order meetings.




Heads-up for the fine folks of the 411 family… Colby Rasmus left the Memphis game early last night, apparently due to further complications with his strained groin, and word is that the Cards are “shutting him down”… I don’t know how long that will be for, but this would certainly seem to rule him out at least until September…


Thanks for answering my IM about Hunter or Quentin now lets take it one further Quentin or McLouth? This is Cad in Ohio

Welcome back mike,

I have had a trade offer and i dont think i should do it but its a Mafia Keeper league. 12 team 5×5 mixed. I would give up Morneau, i have lost count how many offers i have had for him. I would receive Parra and Nick Swisher. Should i pull the trigger or not?


Jan In Glasgow.

Now that the show is down to a 1/2 hour (grumble, grumble) can we get rid of some of the fluff like the “Fav 5”, “Viagra Player of the Night”, etc. and focus more on the fantasy content? The 10 minutes that you spend on stuff like that now takes up 1/3 of the show.

Hey guys:
I’m having serious concerns about my Util and 4th and 5th outfielder situation. This is my first time in a league with more than 3 outfield spots. I’ve basically gone with a revolving door of guys who are “hot” at the moment (including Kubel, David Murphy, and I even had Branyan during most of his HR binge) and I’ve had pretty good luck with it, but it’s starting to run out. Of these guys, who do you think will provide the most consistent production from those spots the rest of the year?:

-David Murphy

-Jason Kubel

-Randy Winn

-Matt Joyce

-Fernando Tatis

-Jason Werth

-Ryan Spilborghs (currently in DL spot)

I’m leaning toward Murphy, Winn, and Joyce, at least until Spilborghs returns. I’m still rotating based on matchups. Should I continue what I’m doing by adding/dropping hot hitters in and out, or should I pick a couple of guys and just stick with them? Any help is appreciated.

-Dan in Los Angeles

In a 12 tm 5×5 mixed, Ian Stewart or Jeff Baker? Stewart seems to be the one getting more playing time from here on in.

Neighbor Steve

guys heading to another meeting, will be back in an hour and knock some of these out…….Siano

For those missing the “old days”, I highly suggest you check out last years show on July 23rd. It is classic Siano/Schwartz.
On the show, Siano plays “bells” for a caller who is giving up on the current season and turning his sites to ’08.
Mike and Cory also discuss an article that “Mitch in Sac” is quoted in and Cory talks about writers and how evil they can be. haha
Cory gives some excellent heads-up advice on 2 virtually unknown players at the time, jeff Keppinger and Joakim Soria and their future value. In case you don’t know where you can find the archive links, here’s the addy –

Okay, back to the future, on today’s show you guys listed the top SB guys. Anyone else surprised that Han-Ram wasn’t on that list? I just traded for Ramirez in the Ron Cey listener league, and gave up a ton (Vladdy and Sizemore — I’m very deep in the OF), what do you think the rest of ’08 holds for Hanley?
Also, I felt Sizemore was a good sell “high” candidate because he has very little protection in that Indians lineup, he entered the HR derby and he’s been on a ridiculous pace. Agree or do you think I should have stayed with Grady?

-Johnny Archive

I sent an email for the show so this may be addressed today. If so, sorry.

Who will have more value the rest of the year–Rauch or Hanrahan? In my points league saves are worth 7 pts and holds are worth 3 pts.


Curtis in Texas

working my way backwards.

Curtis, Rauch is just a better situation and I think will end up closing so net net he should outscore Hanrahan.

The Bells thing was funny thanks Johnny Archive!!!!

Neighbor Steve, Good question but when all is said and done I could see nither guy on a 12 team roster in two weeks, I think they are both Monday , thursday guys with interesting position eligibilty and hot bats right now.

Dan in LA, I like Kubel and Werth and rotate or play hot hand until Spilborghs gets back, but all of these guys unlike Rambo are expendable.

Viagra player will stay, Fave 5 TBD. Hang in there everyone.

Jan, I think it’s a fair offer because I think Swisher and Morneau can be somewhat comparable rest of the way and to get Parra who is contributing now and is a solid keeper. You may be able to do better but this isn’t awful.

Cad, I take Quentin over McLouth as well.

Any that I miss we will try and get on the show tomorrow.


sorry , it’s so smushed , it was spaced while typing, lesson learned……Mike

Thanks Mike!

I picked up Posada as my backup catcher after someone dropped him because he was on the DL. Now that he’s probably done for the year, who should I pick up from the free agent pool? It’s the 2008 Open, and McCann is my starter. Rank these catchers in terms of estimated second-half production:
Navarro, Iannetta, Buck, Schneider, Barajas.

These are the top five catchers available in the pool in terms of points thus far. Any other backups I should take a look at? There are quite a few middle-tier catchers available.
Thanks — Phil

Hey boys, 12 team vanilla keeper league. Currently tied for 1st place. I could use some help in RBIs, HRs and SVs. In two separate trades I dealt Arod and Soriano and got back Atkins, Dunn, Morrow and Mariano. Will this work for me? I know I gave up two keepers but I’m looking to win it all this year.

Thanks, have a good one

HOF Vic in the Dominican

I have a little constructive criticism for Casey & since he doesn’t appear to check his blog anymore, I’m gonna leave it here. 1st off, Sterno, I’d like to state that I’m a fan of yours & have been rooting for you since your days on the ESPN gameshow. But here’s my problem & I don’t know if this is something you’ve been doing from the beginning & I just never noticed it until recently or if this is something you’ve just picked up in the last month or so, but it concerns your segment segues.

Have you noticed that w/every segment change you make now you spin something said in the previous sentence to a lead-in. Like, “he could hold a batting title & we hold the title of host of the F411” or “the stats compliment each other & we compliment you on your emails”. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I’m sure that that’s a common method taught early in broadcasting classes, but when someone suggests a drinking game based on that technique (which my friend has) then maybe you’re overusing it a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I think you have wonderful & articulate ability to ad-lib & carry a show w/your words. I particularly liked the comparison of owning Cueto to a long-distance relationship; but I also think you’re still growing as a broadcaster & maybe this bit of criticism will help in that respect.

Also, since you guys have gone to a 30m format the shows have been 28:30 & 29:14 so you guys owe us almost 2 & 1/2 minutes. If you’re going to cut the show in half at least give us a full half.

shannon in ky

Viagra should sponsor the best error in the league from the previous night. The “Viagra: Boner of the Night” is serendipity if I’ve ever heard it.

Brian in Philly

Good job by Siano pimping Carlos Quentin today and then he goes out and busts a pair of homers! Quentin, that is…


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