Post Show Blog For 7/24/08

So Cory and I got into it this morning because he is a rude jerk and didn’t want to recognize that Gardenhire being so non-chanlant to Kelly Thesier yesterday about Liriano’s dominance says something. Click here for story. This is my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I do have a personal interest that is selfish and fantasy related but isn’t that what this is all about?????


Let’s get your thoughs and questions in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




For what it’s worth, I agree with Siano that Liriano should be up now… fantasy adage to live by: if there’s a guy who can help your team, make room for him. The Twins should do the same.

As far as me being a rude jerk, well, I’ve been called worse by better people than Mike Siano.🙂


Hey guys, trade question for you. 1st place in 12 team mafia keeper league. Would you trade A. Gonzalez for Cano and Felix? I have Arod and Ramirez at 3b and CI, but also have LaRoche to fill in at 1b. I have Kendrick at 2b and Hardy at SS with Alexei Ramirez, Nomar and J. Baker to fill in at MI. Cano would slide in there. Felix gives me 4 quality SP to make a run at repeating. I have Shields, Verlander and Big Erv. I’m about 70 innings over the IP limit, so not sure I need to add another SP though. Thanks.


More saves the rest of the year: Street or Hanharan? I want to trade one. If Street is dealt, would he even be closing?
-Dan in LA

Hey guys,

Who would you rather have for the rest of the year in a standard 5×5 mixed: Oliver Perez (pitching great today) or Scott Baker?

Thanks-Bill in Chicago

Rob, I like that deal consider it blessed. cano is nuclear right now and in don’t see him cooling off to the frigid bat he had first half. We all know what Felix brings.



I still have to go Street (Cory agree?), to me he is a guy you deal for to make your closer and he’ll be going to a contender unlike where Hanrahan pitches now. Spoke to Lawr Michaels a little while ago and he thinks Ziegler could end up closing in Oakland when/if Street is dealt so grab him.



I like both guys but I think Ollie is just the better pitcher who seems to have it figured out now that Peterson is gone. Don’t get me wrong I like Baker, but Ollie has better stuff and is in better league.

I picked up Ollie in 411 in 4th inning, he gets Marlins next in Miami.


Ziegler has broken the MLB record for most consecutive scoreless innings at the start of his career, if I recall correctly? He’s a sidearmer so I’m not sure that success will last, but he’s a friend of Will Carroll so let’s give it a shot!

BTW, as mentioned on today’s show, the Braves are looking like sellers now:


BTW, Siano is prescient… Ollie is tearing up the Phillies today. Who knows how much value coaches bring, but it looks like Don Warthen is on to something…


If the Braves do trade Tex, how much does that hurt Frency’s already limited value…especially when you consider Chipper’s injury concerns…Bill in Chicago

Do we still think that Fuentes is going to be traded?
I picked up Corpas and am praying he can be the closer.
Tampa Pete

Is it a good time to buy Berkman for cheap? I know his owner is getting frustrated. I have Kazmir, Saunders, Big Erv, Hudson (elbow), Shields, K-rod and I use my last slot for the best possible 2-week starter. I guess I could package a deal with an OF like DeJesus or C. Hart. Am I going in the right direction, or is Berkman not going to pick it back up?

Thanks – Ed in Chi

Hey Guys

In a 12 tmr, both Duaner Sanchez & Zumaya are on waivers, I have the #1 claim that I don’t plan on using just yet, but if they clear waivers, who do you prefer and would you drop any of the following for them: W. Rodriguez, G. Floyd, the slumping J. Guillen or J. Crede with the bad back? I will also have to make room for the Padres C. Young coming off the DL next week. Thks Neighbor Steve.

Tampa Pete… yes, demand for Fuentes is said to be extremely high, so hang onto Corpas.

Ed, hard to predict if Berkman will pick it up again but he’s a great hitter and definitely the kind of guy you want to take your chances with. I’d try to package around DeJesus plus a pitcher, rather than giving up Hart if you can avoid it. DeJesus plus Big Erv? Might not be enough but worth a shot if you feel the other owner is getting impatient.

NS, Zumaya is definitely worth picking up in a 12-team mixed… Wandy is PoD material so he can go to make room.

Bill in Chicago, I wouldn’t say I’ve given up on Francoeur, but I’m not optimistic. He’s regressed as a hitter, hasn’t show anything different since coming back from the minors, and the lineup around him is not going to get better. His value going forward really depends on your format. I don’t know if he’s rosterable in a vanilla league right now… I wouldn’t.


Sorry for being a rookie, but what is a vanilla league? I can’t find it on the internet anywhere!

Vanilla league is a typical 5 batting categories with the typical 5 pitching categories measured in a rotisserie format. Most roto leagues have these 10 same batting and pitching categories which is how the word vanilla came into being.
Tampa Pete

Pete, vanilla also implies 12 teams and daily transactions.

do u guys really think its going to be ziegler? he hasnt really been used as a 7th ot 8th inning guy on a regular basis. castillo has great numbers but hes been used as more of a situational arm and embree has a pretty bad era, especially in the last month. I just lost rauch and miss hanrahan so im trying to figure out who i should pickup in the As pen…..

What does this Post-Concussion syndrome mean for Ryan Church? I have had him stashed for over a month now. Is there a doctor in the house? Is he going to be worth a start when he returns or am I holding on to a dream that he will ever be as productive as he was earlier in the year.

Ed in Chi

OK, guys here is a hypothetical situation on the fantasy impact on a team. If the Barry Bonds to the Yankees comes true, what fantasy impact does he have on the stats on the Yankees players on your team?

Jan in Glasgow.

Jlong – we talked about this on today’s show, but it’s a toss-up if Street gets traded. Casilla fits the closer profile but is too wild and has been pitching in the middle ininngs and/or when the team is behind, a role that doesn’t suggest closer-in-waiting. Embree and Foulke (if/when healthy) have done the job before and are pitching well this year, but obviously dont’ have much future value to the A’s. Ziegler hasn’t been scored on yet in 23.2 IP but only has 10 K’s and is a sidearmer so he’s probably better suited to a setup role. Devine was pitching well before he got hurt so what will he be when he comes back? This one is wide open.

Ed, I think Church’s hot start was a little bit of a mirage; he’s a good hitter but not a great one. If he does come back, expect something more like .275/22/75 type production.

Jan, Bonds won’t be back with the Yankees this year or probably anyone else; for right or for wrong, his career is probably over. That said, he was still one of the best hitters in the game last year, so his presence would instantly make any team better offensively and give a bump to the offensive value of everyone in the lineup. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for him to show up in anyone’s lineup, it’s almost certain to not happen.

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