Tyra loves the 411!

One of the people in the picture below is an Emmy Award-winning television personality responsible for some of the most entertaining and memorableTyra.jpg moments in recent daytime television memory… and also a big fan of the Fantasy 411. Not to mention extremely well-dressed!

The other one is former SI swimsuit model and all-around good lookin’ woman Tyra Banks.

OK, so maybe I exaggerated just a little bit, but congrats to our friend Paulie Walnuts, who does indeed work with the Tyra Banks show, on taking home a Daytime Emmy Award! Paulie can you get me booked on the show to talk a little fantasy baseball with Tyra? I promise to be a perfect gentleman!

The dream is alive my friends, keep livin’ it…




That’s awesome! I’ve often wondered what all the various 411 fans do for a living. I have kind of an unusual job, but I’d rather not reveal it until I send the guys some swag.
Speaking of which… does anyone know what t-shirt sizes Cory, Mike, Casey, Zach, and Kyle Stack all wear? I seem to recall Cory and Mike wear size L, but I don’t know about the rest.

-Dan in Los Angeles

Hey Dan, stick to “L” and you can never go wrong, although Casey might prefer an M depending on the cut… got some swag?? Bring it!!

L…love the swag!


Paulie stops by Tout Drafts each year and is a gentleman amongst gentleman……Siano

Love the Tyra and think Dan in LA has a great idea that we should do a post of what everyone does for a living.

and a post of all the swag received by the 411 over the years… fav 5 swag? (oye) Zack – Philly.

Does anybody know if the 411 guys like McCain or Obama? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

-EJ/Kid From New York


Mike and Cory for prez in ’08

Fave 5 fictional presidents?

I’m voting write-in for Bloomberg. Unlike our two presumptive nominees, Bloomberg is honest and has the integrity to stick with what he thinks is the right thing, regardless of political expediency. See, when your personal net worth is $6 billion or whatever, you don’t have to answer to any PAC or special interest group, you can simply focus on what you think is good policy. I generally don’t get into politics, but that’s my two cents.


FYI, my favorite fictional president was Michael Douglas in “An American President.” He was hooking up with the very hot Annette Bening, and he was also a man of integrity and principle. Also gotta like Bill Pullman’s president in “Independence Day”… he was a fighter pilot for cryin’ out loud! Movie trivia: the woman who played his wife in that movie was Kevin Costner’s female companion in “Dances With Wolves.” Don’t know her name, though. IMDB, anyone?


Mary McDonnell of Wilkes-Barre, PA (AKA siberia of America). And the current home of Ian Kennedy and Kei Igawa)

Well played!

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