Unread for 7/24

Hey guys,
Who will be better the rest of the way in a standard league taking all categories into account, Shaun Marcum, or Matt Cain?

Also, do you think Victor Martinez will have any value this year?
Toronto, Canada

Hey David,

I’ll take Marcum.  I know he looked awful in his last outing against the Orioles, but considering it was his first start off the DL, you’ve got to chalk it up to rust.  Marcum very quietly has pitched dominantly all season, posting a 3.05 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, and an 89 to 30 K/BB ratio.  In fact, before Tuesday, Marcum had allowed two or fewer runs in 11 of 15 starts.  Although I’ve always been a big fan of Cain, who has performed much better of late (2.67 ERA  1.26 WHIP in July), he’s failed to show the kind of consistency you’d like to see from an upper echelon starter.  The good news for Cain is that he’s striking out close to a batter per inning (126 K in 132 1/3 IP).  But as long as you’re not desperate for strikeouts, I’d go with Marcum due to his all around dependability.

As for V-Mart, he’s said to be making progress in his rehab, but has yet to resume baseball activities.  Figure it’ll be at least a month before Victor returns.  I view this situation a lot like Travis Hafner’s.  With the Indians out of contention, don’t be shocked if they eventually decide to shut these guys down.  That said, if you have an open DL spot, stash Martinez until further notice.  But keep your expectations in check.

Zach Steinhorn 



Matt Cain typically performs better in the 2nd half and
his shutout of the Nationals today was not an anomaly.
Marcum is talented but he’s going to have to regain his
form while Cain has already found his.

V-Mart will be back in 3 weeks or so regardless of where
the Indians are in the standings. Cleveland still needs
to put a decent product on the field while trying to gain
a bit of momentum for next season.

Joe DiMaio

Guys… there’s some problems with today’s video podcast it seems to be delayed and your voices go with the wrong person. Just wanted to let you know.

Joe doesn’t speak for the 411 but I agree with him!🙂

Re. Martinez, he’ll have some value this year, but it’s an open question where he plays. He was never a catcher on defensive value, and Shoppach has been excellent behind the plate and at bat since V-Mart got hurt. With Garko stinking it up at 1B, and Hafner still hurt at DH, V-Mart might return as a 1B/DH hybrid, with Shoppach continuing to play regularly behind the plate. Unless he gets hot over the next 2-3 weeks, Garko could be the big loser here.


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