Keep Rocking the Post Show Post But Check This Out. (Jeff Samardzija )

the Cubs have recalled RHP Jeff Samardzija from Triple-A Iowa. He will wear No. 29.


On Thursday, they placed RHP Kerry Wood on 15-day DL



This news led me to e-mail Cubs Reporter Carrie Muskat, here is our exchange.




Any thoughts on how Jeff will be used or is this just a get a taste of the big leagues kid type of thing since Kerry may just do the minimum?




Totally in relief (don’t believe reports that he’s going to start). and it may be short if wood is ready by tuesday. that said, lou does like hard throwing pitchers, so if samardzija does well, he could stick for a while

I’m thinking it will be short term






Totally cool inside info from a MLB/Team resource standpoint, and much apprecaited.

–BDH in DC

except that it came from resident fluff “writer” Muskat. As a Cubs fan/fellow ND alum, bringing up Samardzija was a bad move (at least until Sept call-ups) and was likely influenced by his salary ($2 mill this year) as his performance. Yes he’s had a remarkable run in AAA but he was mediocre at high-A & AA where the vast majority of talent is. AAA is chalk full of the Trinidad Hubbards of the baseball castoff world so I’m not terribly excited about his run in Iowa. However, I’m glad the Cubs are going to use him in the pen instead of spot starts to give Harden an extra day of rest, as the Shark’s future IS in the pen due to him having 2 pitches good mid to high 90’s sinking FB & erratic slider.

now now sbyrne, info is info……Siano

CHICAGO – Prior to tonight’s game at Detroit, the Chicago White Sox placed third baseman Joe Crede on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to July 22) with back lumbar inflammation and recalled third baseman Josh Fields from Class AAA Charlotte.

I’ve already pulled the trigger and picked up Fields…. Will he be worth it (4th/5th OF)? Last year promised much, but his AAA numbers are not great this time around.
Matt in the UK.

Let me just say that i love how active the blog is. Ths is probably the best week of the 411 all year, and everyone was sure this would be the downfall. I hope this keeps up.
thanks guys

Fields’ numbers in the minors weren’t anything special (average around .250, 9 homers in 230 at-bats), so I’m definitely holding off until he proves himself a bit. Thoughts?

FWIW, I’m not a big Josh Fields fan. To me he looks like a marginally better version of the guy he’s replacing, Joe Crede. Worth a pickup in just about any format, but he’s not a difference maker.


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