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Hey Guys,

In my 5×5, Mixed, 12-team, keeper, I’m about 18 pts out of first, but can gain a lot of points at SB, K’s, ERA and WHIP.  Do either of these deals make sense?
– I trade A-Rod and Tejada and get Miguel Cabrera, Sabathia, and BJ Upton
– I trade A-Rod for Jose Reyes and Hamels
My other bats are Carlos Lee, A-Ram, Dye, Thome, Delgado, Ludwick, etc.  Good deals?  Which one?

Adam T in Chicago

Hey Adam,

I really like the first deal as you’re getting a lot more value in return.  Any trade in which you give up the top overall fantasy player is tough to accept, but this is the kind of package that gets it done.  Although replacing A-Rod with Cabrera at 3B is a downgrade (I’m assuming you play A-Ram at CI or Util?) let’s note that Cabrera’s still among the top five at his position and is on an absolute tear right now, batting .329 with 6 homers and 23 RBI in the month of July.  Third base is the only spot where you take a hit, albeit a relatively small one.
As far as the rest of the deal goes, it’s a flat out steal!  Though Tejada is posting above average overall numbers for a shortstop, he’s really regressed at the plate, especially of late.  Since the beginning of June, Tejada’s batting .215 with four homers and just 8 RBI, this while playing his home games in an extreme hitter’s park.  You might want to swing another trade for a decent replacement at shortstop, but don’t shed any tears over the loss of Tejada.

If  SB, K’s, ERA, and WHIP is what you need, that’s exactly what you get in Upton and CC.  While Upton’s average and power numbers have dropped significantly from last year, his 30 steals already eclipse last season’s total of 22.  He’s a top notch keeper in any format.  Sabathia has been flat out dominant since joining the Brewers, winning all four of his starts to go along with a 1.36 ERA and 0.85 WHIP.  CC could very well be the most valuable fantasy starting pitcher from now through the end of the season.

What makes this trade even more appealing is that you’ll be replacing one keeper (A-Rod) with potentially three (Cabrera, Upton, Sabathia).  I have a hard time thinking of any reason for not pulling the trigger, so do it now!

Zach Steinhorn      

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