Show Blog for 7/28/08

Let’s take a closer  look at um closers now that we’ve had major shake up again.


Blue Jays: Ryan seems safe and has 4 saves in jays last 10 games

Orioles: Big George continues to rack em up but is he an Oriole on Friday? If not then look for Jim Johnson to get a shot.

Rays: Percival is back but for how long? Do rays go after a Street or Fuentes? Keep Balfour and Wheeler on radar.

Red Sox and Yanks: Nuff said


Indians: What a mess this year. Borowski, Kobayashi, Perez. Stay Away.

Tigers: See Indians. Rodney probably hangs on to this job as long as he is decent but can he be decent?

Royals: Soria is just flat out good.

Twins: Joe Nathan is right there with Pap, Mo and K-Rod.

White Sox: Jenks has dealt with injuries and Linebrink is on DL, do they go after help as insurance for Jenks?


Angels: Amazing Amazing considering we thought he was in big trouble health wise in April.

A’s: Casilla, Devine, Ziegler??? Who knows but I think we’d be more surprised if Street isn’t dealt then if he is. Tough call.

Rangers: CJ is this years Jones and Borowski, just finds a way to survive and keep the job.Like Cory said he’s only blown 3 saves.

Mariners: Getting interesting with the Morrow may become a starter news and M’s not positive Putz can close rest of season. Indians and Tigersesque just with way more talent.


Braves: Gonzalez hasn’t had a save since July 18th.

Marlins: Fish are in closer market and have chips to get anyone.

Mets: Wagner showing why he is still one of the best even if it takes Maalox.

Phillies: Lidge good.

Nationals: Hanrahan no save ops since rauch left, told ya.


Astros: Valverde getting it done with a blowup here and there. He’s fun to watch and infuriating at same time.

Brewers: Melvin says they are done giving away blue chippers so Sheets and CC better not let Torres blow this thing. Might be able to pull a fast one though for a closer.

Cards: NL version of 06 World Series opponents.

Cubs: Wood will be back but the WR from Notre Dame was worth #3 waiver claim to me anyway.

Pirates: Grabow and Yates no save opps since the Marte deal.

Reds: Coco be Coco.


D-backs: Lyon gets killed in Dodger series. Rauch time may be close.

Dodgers: Broxton may never see the 8th inning again unless its for a 4-6 out save.

Giants: Hasn’t been pretty but Wilson is 5-5 this month.

Padres: 6-6 in July for Hells Bells.

Rockies: Only a handful of games out in pathetic NL West, may become buyers and keep Fuentes, but Corpas has been outstanding in July (1.74 ERA).




Seeing Soria continue to dominate makes me sick. A couple weeks ago I gave up Soria and Cliff Lee for Alex Rios. How badly do you guys think I got suckered on that deal? Worst part is, I was the one who offered the trade!

Rios’s steals make him quite the siren but yeah you should have asked for a blessing……Siano

Mike, i have Barmes at SS in a 15 team 5×5 Mixed league. On the FA list Scutaro, M Izturis and Uribe. Should i keep Barmes or go for one of these guys.

Jan in Glasgow.

Yuk, Barmes is only non starter of 4 (for time being) Izturis gets the slight edge over Scoot b/c of steals…….Siano

Points league, which 3B would you rather have the rest of the way? Zimmerman, Headley, or Josh Fields

I have a feeling Fields is going to get hot and do some mashing. Good situation for him and he’s proven he can hit MLB pitching……..Siano

Do you buy Wandy Rodriquez’s performance as of late? I picked him up in my weekly 12 team mixed 5×5 league but I’m a bit gun shy to actually put him in my active lineup. Can he be counted on for the rest of the season?

Brian in Philly


Wandy who Cory and I really like has passed several tests so the answer is yes. Check out his game log. Lots to like…….Siano

keeper league question (vanilla); I’m defended back to back championships, but am currently in 4th (up 4 spots in the last week) & primed for a 2cd half run. my question is about my keepers for 09, however & I was hoping for some input. keepers are up from 10 to 12 next season & I’ve got my first 9 guys locked in & they are:
1. Russell Martin (C) LAD
2. Derrick Lee (1B) Cubs
3. Carlos Lee (OF) Hou
4. Magglio Ordonez (OF) Sox
5. Shane Victorino (OF) Phi
6. Francisco Rodriguez (CL) LAA
7. Jimmy Rollins (SS) Phi
8. Juan Pierre (OF) LAD
9. Garret Atkins (3B-1B) Col
That leaves my w/3 additional keeper spots & I cant’s decide between these guys:

Troy Glaus, Willy Taveras, Carlos Pena, Hank Blalock, Michael Young, Orlando Hudson, Alexei Ramirez, Solomon Torres, Tim Hudson, Ben Sheets, Rafael Soriano

If you guys think Torres will close again next season then I’ll lock him in & please note that in the last two seasons in which i won I didn’t keep any SP’s. but I’m actually thinking about keeping Sheets this time. Also, let me know if there’s any guys I’ve got on my Keeper list that you’d take off & replace w/a diff name.

The only reason Blalock is on that list is b/c he’s been a lucky player for me in the past & I guess that leads me to another question: do you guys ever draft a guy as a good luck charm? For example: I also made sure to have Raffie Palmeiro on my team about 10yrs ago b/c my teams that rostered him always did well, then it was Magglio Ordonez & Hank Blalock.
thanks as always,
shannon in ky

another quick question: having just found out about Hudson, I’m thinking about using the extra roster spot for pitch or ditch, but since i’m about 27 innings over right now I’m also thinking about picking up a possible hedge closer. I already have Corpas & Yates as possibles, but out of these available guys who would you bet on taking over: Jim Johnson, Zeigler or Casilla (Oak), or Grabow? Also, have we already determined if Wagner’s retiring at the end of this season?

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