Big Tex to the Big A!!!!!

ATLANTA — The Braves have traded Mark Teixeira to the Angels in exchange for Casey Kotchman and Minor League pitcher Stephen Marek. <p>

Teixeira, who has hit .283 with 20 homers this year, will provide the Angels with the power they’re seeking as they attempt to make a run toward the World Series.

Kotchman, who has hit .287 with 12 homers this season, provides the Braves with the power-hitting first baseman they were seeking as compensation for Teixeira. Marek is a 25-year-old right-hander who has gone 2-6 with a 3.66 ERA in 34 relief appearances for Double-A Arkansas this year. <p>




Yeah, from a fantasy perspective I think I like Tex with that lineup and park.

Wonder if Francoeur magically benefits from this strange occurance….(yes, I am hoping and praying for anything to make him earn some value).

Did anyone else see this trade and think “Wow, that’s all it took?” I know Kotchman is no slouch, and I know nothing about the minor leaguer, but this trade seems to pale in comparison to what the Braves gave up last year.

Brian in Columbus, OH

Just talked to Jonathan Mayo our Minors Guru and he said Marek is closer of the future and could be in bigs next year. Obviosuly the Braves could use him so while at first I agree it might have been a head scratcher the more you think about it the more you have to like it for both sides…..Siano

The road to fifth place is lined with closers of the future! I think this was a loss-cutting deal for the Braves… there really weren’t a bunch of teams out there with the need and fit for Teixeira, plus the resources to get him. If the other best offer (as reported) was Tracy and Owings, this was indeed the best return.
Anyway, Tex will be fine in the Big A, it’s a good lineup fit, he knows the league, and it’s a pennant race. I would shy away from Kotchman in ATL though: new league, depleted lineup, and a tough hitters park.

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