Tex Trade News and Post Show Blog for 7/30/08

Just talked to Jonathan Mayo our Minors Guru and he said Marek is closer of the future and could be in bigs next year. Obviosuly the Braves could use him so while at first I agree it might have been a head scratcher the more you think about it the more you have to like it for both sides…..Siano


All Cory on the Blog today gotta go to dentist……


Kotch is 3 years younger, and 3 years under contract. Young potential arm is nice extra too.

LA-A basically rents Tex for 50+games and 2 draft picks. Win-Win really.


Guys….looking to add a bat and move a SP. Is A. Gonzalez for E. Santana fair value?

Thoughts? Weekly Mixed 5×5 vanilla.

–BDH in DC

Morneau is quietly putting together another MVP season. What do you think about his ranking next year in a draft?

Be careful, Mike, I went to the dentist last week for a check up and I’ve been in pain ever since! Grrrrr.
You guys talked about how every year there is a deal that comes out of nowhere, how about Ichiro being dealt? I mean, I don’t see the Mariners being back in contention next year and couldn’t the Yankees use, and afford, a guy like him?
Also, wouldn’t Brian Roberts fit in very nicely with the Rockies?
I know draft time is fun, but isn’t this a great time of the year!?! I love trade deadline time!

Hey Cory,

In my 12 tm mixed, R. Vazquez is avail. Would you pick him up and drop one of the following: C. Tracy, M. Thames, J. Guillen, or I. Stewart? R. Vazquez elig. pos. in this league are 2B, 3B, & SS . Thks.


BDH, it’s a decent offer; both got off to huge starts but have cooled lately. However, since you’d always rather have the bat than the arm, I’d look for more certainty than Big Erv if I could get it, even a James Shields type would be better IMO.


Jobu, Morneau looks like a 3rd/4th round guy again. His stats fluctuate somewhat from year to year but his overall value has become pretty consistent.

JA, Roberts would indeed look good on the Rockies but I think the O’s will end up holding him or only dealing him for a windfall. They are hovering around .500, and as we’ve discussed before WRT the Tigers, Pirates and others, there’s some value in rebuilding credibility, not just the farm system.

JA, also… I would bet it all against the M’s dealing Ichiro. First of all, they just re-signed him to a sick contract, so they can’t deal him without his permission, and while I’m sure he’d rather play for a winner, I think he’s very comfortable in Seattle. I’d be shocked if he gets dealt.

NS, Vasquez can certainly help but I don’t think he’s necessarily better than any of those guys you mentioned… just different.

Speaking of Big Erv. I want to get rid of him in exchange for a RP.. Who could I get fair value for? 12 team points league.

Ed in Chi

I think guys like Wagner, Lidge, or Jenks are reasonable offers…not top tier, but notch below.


Do you think Michael Young’s injury will affect his swing and hurt his fantasy value going forward?
-Dan in Los Angeles

Dan, probably in the short-term but not long term. If he can grip the bat, it’s probably more of a pain management issue, a la Soriano.

Hey CS

12 team mixed: I have Gavin Floyd as my 5th SP, but would you replace him with one of these available SP’s: J. Sanchez, J. Campillo, or P. Maholm?

Thanks. NS


speaking of Ichiro, I like where this guy’s head is at:


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