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Hey Guys, I have just been offered Johan Santana for Evan Longoria.  I’m out of it for ’08, building for the future.  Vanilla 5×5, keep 5, no cost or round values attached.  I already have Josh Hamilton, BJ Upton, Nick Markakis, and Alex Rodriguez set for ’09. As of now, Longoria/Santana would be my 5th keeper.  Who holds more value going forward?  Also wondering if Cliff Lee is a better keeper option over Markakis?
Shane in Seattle

Hey Shane,

Rarely would I advise to give up Longoria in any keeper league, but this is an exception.  Johan is so far having a down year…that is if you consider a 2.93 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, and 125 to 39 strikeout to walk ratio a disappointment!  Santana is still the top pitcher in all of fantasy, and there’s plenty of time for him to finish the year with his usual dominant numbers.  Focusing solely on 2009, while Longoria will likely be a top five round selection, Santana will most definitely be drafted before the end of the second round.  As there are no round values attached to these keepers, Longoria, though a solid keeper choice, isn’t exactly a slam dunk.  The other factor here is that you’re loaded in hitting, so trading for and keeping Johan is a wise move.
As for Lee/Markakis, I’d say to stick with Markakis.  The story of Cliff Lee this year should prove that pitching, for the most part, is a crapshoot.  Guys always seem to come out of nowhere to have big seasons.  Using a keeper slot on Lee, someone who will be extremely overvalued on Draft Day 2009, could turn out to be a disaster.  With Markakis, you know what you’re going to get.

Zach Steinhorn     


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